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How far will your delivery hospital be from home?

Hi everyone! So excited to be here - 4w4d pregnant with my first baby! Congrats to all of you as well!

So here's my dilemma: I have been seeing my OB/GYN for about 5 years. I really like her and my sister sees her too (she delivered both of my nieces). However, when my husband and I bought a house, it ended up being about 30 minutes farther from her office than where I lived previously. It's now just under an hour to get to her closest clinic.

I am fine with making the trip for my OB appts., but when I made my first appt I was told what her preferred hospital is for delivering, and its close to 1.5 hours from my house. Do you think that will be okay? Will I just need to head there at early signs of labor, or should I ask her if she could deliver me at a hospital that's a little closer? Do I think of asking her for an OB referral closer to home?


How far is everyone's delivery hospital from home? 

Re: How far will your delivery hospital be from home?

  • Mine is 30-40 minutes.  I wouldn't be comfortable with anything over an hour.

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  • If MH drives civilian speed maybe 15-20?  If he drives cop speed, about 10.

    I don't know that I'd go over an hour, but that's me.  I don't want to feel like I have to get to the hospital early just because I live so far away. Does that OB have delivery rights at any other hospitals?

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  • This is a great question!  I have been seeing my OBGYN since I've been in college and I really like the office, but the hospital that they deliver at would be about 30 minutes away.  I think I'm OK with that, but I would love to hear others responses as I am a FTM.
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  • She does deliver at other hospitals - my sister had high BP with her first and was on bed rest for the last 2 mos of the pregnancy before being induced. Since it was higher risk, they did it at one of the larger city hospitals. I'm just not sure if that is something I can request or if it's more of the doctor's call based on risk level. That hospital would be a little under an hour away.
  • I love my ob and the hospital is 45 mins to an hour. I thought about switching to another doctor, but I like this practice a lot and they delivered both my kids.
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  • image Pamburger:
    She does deliver at other hospitals - my sister had high BP with her first and was on bed rest for the last 2 mos of the pregnancy before being induced. Since it was higher risk, they did it at one of the larger city hospitals. I'm just not sure if that is something I can request or if it's more of the doctor's call based on risk level. That hospital would be a little under an hour away.

    If you know she delivers at other hospitals then I'd just tell her you plan to deliver at the hospital you'd like.

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  • My hospital is about five minutes which is fantastic! 

    Since it is your first baby, it is hard to say how long your labor will be. Some people have really fast labors, but usually it is slower with the first. If you do decide to deliver at that hospital you should probably stay at a hotel nearby for a week prior or you should just make sure you leave as soon as you are in labor. If I was you I'd ask for a closer one though. 
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  • I've seen the same ob/gyn since I was in High school but  we bought a house that put us 45 minutes from the hospital. It didn't matter going to see the ob yearly.. but thinking about going for appointments now that i'm pregnant just sounds time consuming. I switched to a hospital that is about 20 minutes away.. 
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  • Mine was 45 minutes and after I had my baby I wish I never had stayed. It was much too far away. You have a lot of appointments to go to and then I ended up having a csection so I stayed in the hospital longer. My poor husband had to drive to and from the hospital 3 times a day for our dogs since we didn't have time to get them in a kennel before my LO is born. For the next one I am going to get one that is around 20 minutes or closer if possible.
  • For me, it is a 30-60 minute drive depending on traffic.  It is totally worth the drive for me to be at the hospital I feel most comfortable with.  

    In my opinion, a hospital's reputation and your level of comfort with it is more important than your relationship with any one provider (OB, midwife) since in many cases there is no guarantee that the provider you have been seeing for prenatal checks is going to be the one to deliver your baby.  

    OB's only have hospital privileges at certain hospitals, so she may not be allowed to help you deliver at the hospital closer to your home.

    1.5 is quite a drive.  You would have to leave home earlier than normal, and possibly risk being sent home for false labor.  But if it's worth it to you then go for it.  Some people even plan to stay in a hotel for the week of their due date if their hospital is far away.  Good Luck. 

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  • Mine is 45 minutes when traffics good. I won't change though, it's a really great hospital with a great labor and delivery reputation.
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  • Mine is an hour and a half away without traffic, sometimes up to 2 hours. I'm high risk with a heart condition and none of the closer hospitals would even accept me! So i have to travel into Boston! Should be interesting to say the least! GL!
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  • I delivered my son at a hospital that was about an hour and fifteen minutes away. My water broke at home and the drive to the hospital was uncomfortable, but I managed. We've moved since then and now we live on the same street as the hospital -- only about three blocks away.


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  • My hospital is 3.5 hours away. Got a helicopter with DS1 since he was breech and in a huge hurry but we drove there with DS2 no worries. Just left as soon as we could.
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  • 35-45 min depending on traffic. I would ask your doctor what she thinks. 
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  • about 15 minutes. not the closest hospital to me..but the one I chose.
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  • About 15-20 minutes away.  I'm not sure how you ladies with farther distances have done it.  I know that those few minutes for me riding there dealing with contractions was NOT fun. 

    OP - I would voice your concerns to your dr. and tell her how much you would like to keep seeing her and see what she does with it.  

    ETA: changed a word b/c it sounded like I was actually driving the car, when in fact I was a passenger.

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  • Mine is a 10-15 minute drive.
  • Depends on where we live. We are looking for a place around 20 mins away which isn't that far. It could be worse.
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  • My hubby and I are lucky in that we live in a border town between 2 major cities, one with a Sick Kids Hospital (which is where we will be delivering). Both hospitals are about 10-15 minutes away on an average day.
  • 1.5 hrs is scary sounding to me. I would ask her to please deliver the baby at a closer hospital.

    My hospital and OBGYN are about 10 minutes away.
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  • Mine is 15 to 20 mins from home. Anything 45 minutes or longer is too far IMO
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  • I had to deal with a similar situation.  When I had DD I lived about 20 min from my OB and hospital.  Since then we have moved and I am now just about an hour from there.  I did continue to see her for my yearly apts. and until I was about 15 weeks pregnant.  I did changes doctors so I could deliver at the hospital that is about 5 min away.

     You should also consider that at the nd you will be going to the office once a week or apts.

    also, if your doctor doesn't have privileges at a hospital closer to you he/she will not be able to deliver your baby there.


    good luck! 

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  • Mine is about an hour away, but its the closest to our home and I would not go to any other doctor...I figure if we do a few practice runs and leave in time we will be fine!
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  • Mine's less than 10 minutes from our house. 1.5 hours would make me very nervous.
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  • My hospital is 15-20 minutes away.  There is one closer (maybe 10 minutes) but the NICU at the one that I'm going to is much better so I feel more confident going there.

    I agree with PP that said that you should tell your doctor which hospital you plan to deliver at.  Since she has delivery rights there, it shouldn't be a problem, but I would tell her soon, just in case!

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  • I am about 30-40 min from my OB & the hospital I will deliver at.  We used to live <10 min away but moved this fall.  Both my work & daycare are <10 min from her office so it's more convenient to stay then to find one closer to home.  I love my OB so I wouldn't switch anyway.  You have to decide what you are comfortable with.  I'd have a discussion with the OB and see what options there are.
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  • An hour and a half would make me very nervous! The hospital (if we choose to deliver in a hospital) is only a ten minute walk away so less than 2 minute drive.
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  • We are 1.5 hours away from my doc and delivery hospital. I will be induced with this pregnancy just as I was with the other two and I'm already praying for no preterm labor. But with twins its more than likely to happen. Luckily its all highway and we can take a few back county roads to get there.


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