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Car accidents!

My husband had plans to go hunting on Saturday morning (4 a.m.), and we live in the northeast. So, I had a melt down on Friday night about how I did not want him to go because it would not be safe to drive, even though he has a truck. Well he listened to me and did not go. My step-father in law, who would have picked him up and taken him hunting, totaled my MIL's car and slammed into a tree on the passenger side. I am so happy he did not go. My step-father in law is fine, thankfully, but that is too close for comfort. Is anyone else getting really paranoid about their family driving in bad weather? I feel like I am so anxious about this lately, and apparently for good reason!

Re: Car accidents!

  • I had a car accident the day of our first snow and ice here in Michigan. I had my four year old and three year old with me and I ended up smashing into the underpass a few times and totaling my car. My husband is a doctor at the hospital so he HAS to go to work no matter the weather and it's often early enough the roads are still bad and haven't been cleared. I cry multiple times a week about it! He tells me he is from Idaho and is used to driving in poor conditions but it freaks me out. I am from alabama and I have refused to drive since then and if there is snow anywhere near the roads I won't even be a passenger!
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