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Pretty sure I'm about 7wks, we go to the doc for sure on Wednesday...the only symptoms I've felt are some hunger but nothing intense...and pretty sure just bloating bc of all the water...other than that no symptoms...I keep thinking I need to take another HPT to be sure but I also know I just need to have faith and pray everything is alright! Anyone else not feel any symptoms??

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  • I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have not had any symptoms. The only thing I've noticed is that ever since I found out I was pregnant I can't eat much.. Not sure if that is just nerves or what! Haha. I think I would almost feel better if I did have some kind of symptoms.
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  • I haven't had many symptoms either. I've had a few things here and there that I wouldn't have even noticed much or could have explained them from something else if I didn't know I was pregnant. The day before my 1st appointment I had a strong irrational fear that there wasn't a baby in me, and had a dream that I miscarried. I even peed on a stick in the morning to calm myself down a little, even though I know it wasn't real. Well, I went to my appointment and my little baby showed up quite quickly on the screen (not even needing an internal u/s!), measuring one day ahead at 6w6d and we heard the heartbeat, which really put me at ease. Now of course I'm back to nervous again that something will happen, but my lack of symptoms don't bother me in the least. In fact, I really hope it stays this way!
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  • What you are feeling is normal. At this point taking more HPTs is not going to tell you anything.
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  • I have nausea and low blood pressure. But that is it. My boobs are HUGE!
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  • Not everyone has symptoms and that's perfectly fine. All I've had is slightly sore boobs and tiredness and I'm 12 weeks along. We had the ultrasound last week and the baby is fine.

    I do know how you feel though. The 1st trimester is weird. Symptoms are the only thing that makes it feel real and so when you don't have them, you freak out. All will be fine though and after you have that first sonogram you'll feel so much better.

    I'm a 2nd time mom. During both of my 1st ultrasounds, I got really nervous and was scared that a baby wouldn't show up on the screen lol.
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  • Everything ya'll have said is what I'm feeling...not a lot of anything. Some sore nipples and just recently, last Friday and this morning, a small amount of light brownish discharge. Nothing heavy. And no crampsso I'm chalking it up to normalcy. Wednesday is our first appt and I'm SO nervous, and SO excited. But I too had had nightmares of a baby not being there, but it's probably because I haven't felt much of anything!!
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