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Financial Considerations?

Hi ladies!

We have 2 LOs (7 years and 7 months), and DH and I are having many discussions about TTC #3.  Money is a big issue, and I'm curious-what financial issues are you discussing/worrying about/resolving?  Long-term disability insurance?  Short-term disability insurance?  Buying a house instead of renting?  Having a certain amount in savings?  Paying off debt?  Anything else?


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Re: Financial Considerations?

  • Our personal goals were to be debt free, with the exception of our house and car payments, have x amount in savings, x amount of extra money going into savings per month, and of course health insurance which we have never not had.

    But other people have different standards and it works for them.

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  • We are very lucky not to have much debt (just DH's car and our house).  Our big goals before TTC were finishing our remodeling projects on the house and building up our savings as much as we could, although I never had a specific goal in mind. 

    Now that we are dealing with IF, saving money has been an even bigger goal (we are OOP for testing and treatment).  I have a number in mind for our savings account, which we will hopefully hit in the next few months after receiving our tax return and my bonus.




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  • We're currently trying to pay down our college debt and still build up our savings. We don't have a specific amount in mind, but we would definitely like to have a "safety net" in place. This is especially important for me since I would like to be able for me to afford to take the full 12 weeks off work when we do finally have a baby.
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  • We have short and long term disability, a large life insurance policy, and health insurance which were all important to us. Honestly I'm probably overinsured for this part of life but I got a discount by signing up before graduating from dental school and am charged the genderneutral rate which is huge.

    Before DS, we got our savings built up but after a 12,000 bill from the hospital after insurance for the birth, that was wiped out. We just started Financial Peace University and are working on our emergency fund again.

    This time we also would like all our small debt paid off. We won't pay off the house, car or student loans before then which is why I say small debt.

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  • My husband and I are just starting to ttc #1. We definitely had financial considerations. There was a # we had in mind for savings, we also needed to be ok with either the option of me quitting my job or paying for day care/nanny share. I workis the arts, and on top of not paying much, the job has ridiculous hours. It is not realistic for me to continue working and keep this job. Also, I didn't want to start looking for a new job and then have to wait for that to fall into place + waiting to work there long enough for mat leave benefits. Honestly, we will probably always have another financial goal or another so we just needed to jump in and realize nothing will probably be perfect and go for it.

     Now that we decided to try, we have a list of home projects we are crossing off the list while we can too. 

  • My husband and I always knew we didn't want to have a child in our current apartment.  It's small and apartment living is close quarters, so our first goal was to buy a home to be able to bring our LO home to.  After posting a similar question to these ladies, many suggested looking at child care costs and making sure we would have money in the budget for that.  Also having a cushion for unexpected expenses that come with a house and life!

     We have worked for the past few years to pay off my car and all our credit cards.  The only debt we have is student loans (ouch) and soon to be mortgage.  I want to be as financially stable as possible when we even begin to TTC.

    Best of luck to you! 

    I love my Scottie and Westie fur babies!

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  • FI and I don't make a lot of money, but we make enough. Between us we have my student loans, my car payment, and one credit card each. I'd like to have his credit card paid off, my balance cut in half at least, and another few thousand in savings before we TTC. At the earliest that will be August since the savings seems to grow the most slowly. I'm not super worried about my car payment or student loans. I just need to make sure there's enough to pay them each month even when I'm out on FMLA for 12 weeks. I will get STD for 6 weeks and go the other 6 without pay, hence the need for savings.
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  • The main issue for us is three in we need to wait until September
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  • We have quite a bit of debt (ugh) and so have decided to have 1 of 4 credit cards paid off, and small savings of about $1000.00 which we should have done by September-ish (we live in Canada so medical expenses are $0) However, we recently found out we might be getting posted to another province in the next few months so finding/buying/building a home is something else we may have to consider as well.

    So focused on trying to conceive - actually being pregnant?


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