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Who has appts this week (and who on this list has already delivered?)

Here's who I have on my list:

Monday - mhbraymer, bdutton0005, starting all over again, snarlingkitty, ashleyr409, Angeline924 (c/s today!), beanersmommy, onlymeggan, RJM050705 (induction today!) 

Tuesday - weinhaus

Thursday - ortj17, jkuhmann, marionravenwood, alliooli

I also have this information jotted down, but I know several of you have already delivered, so just let me know if you still need to be included on the appointments list, please :)

chaci every Wednesday
bdutton0005 every Monday
Coltonsmommy2013 every Wednesday
mom2b22013 every Wednesday
pwyckhouse every Thursday
MRSVELA07 on 24th and 31st
budgirl007 every Wednesday
starting all over again every Tuesday, Monday, Thursday, and every other Friday (starting 18th)
ImaniJ55 every Wednesday
ah625 every Thursday
snarlingkitty Mondays
andieb0316 every Thursday
coltonsmommy2013 every Wednesday
SugarPlumpfairy13, every Friday
ashleyr409 every Monday
Mshaw1123 every Wednesday
vrlc1403 every Wednesday
WinterBenson every Thursday

onlymeggan every Mon and Thurs 

Missed m/c discovered 3/15/12 at 8w2d: "Henry."
Good god, Mr. Tomlinson, are you QUITE finished?
"Does the little one with the cheekbones know that the prince is in love with him?"

Jack 04/29/10 dairy, peanut and seasonal allergies; Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism
Rhys 01/25/13 Peanut and tree nut allergy, MSPI
Lilypie - (cF7R) Lilypie - (Phka)


Re: Who has appts this week (and who on this list has already delivered?)

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