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Natural anyone??

Anybody going natural or done it before? I'm planning an unmediated water birth. After researching it I feel like it is the best choice for me and my baby. The hospital I will deliver at is super supportive of natural childbirth, which will really help. Any helpful tips or suggestions on making it thru??

Re: Natural anyone??

  • We are planning on a natural birth.  DH and I are finishing up our Bradley Method class today actually.  If you haven't taken classes, I'd find some reading materials on natural childbirth ASAP and make sure your coach is on board with your plan. 

    Decide what things you can compromise on if it comes to that, and what things are really priorities for you.  Things change in childbirth and if you go in with a rigid mindset, it seems that there is more capacity for things to go wrong.  


    Good luck to you!

  • That's my plan, and in the beginning I was worried that the staff would be pushy about me getting the drugs and whatnot, so I was considering going to a birth center instead of the hospital. However I really like and trust my doctor so I had a heart to heart with her and she told me not to worry that it will be the way I want and no one will force me into anything and she will be there to make sure everything is going well, that I've been having a pretty easy pregnancy and wanting to have it natural shouldn't be a problem at all.

    However, I'm keeping my mind opened because knock on wood something happen and I need to go "unnatural"  I don't want to be too disappointed. 

  • I'm keeping my mind open about it.

    I had a long labor and did have an epidural but it wore off around 7 cm, or the last 4 to 5 hours. I feel in a way I got to experience both.

    I loved the pain relief and being able to sleep during the long day but I also loved being able to direct my pushing and being able to get up right away. At the same time, I don't think I would have had enough energy to push if it wasn't for the epi allowing me a few hours of pushing.. Like I said, I'll just take it by what ever happens!


  • Going in with an open mind. I want natural but will not deny myself an epi if needed.
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  • As far as the pain...someone told me that once you get to the point where you think it can't get any worse....that's it. It kind of plateaus. I really focused on that, it was true, and encouraged me!
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  • As long as the baby and I are doing fine I am going to do this naturally. I guess the biggest thing for me is that birth and pregnancy are not illnesses, and I know that no matter how bad the pain is, it will bring me my daughter and it will end!
  • I did it once and will do it again.  No reason not to.  Natural endorphins carried me through whatever pain I encountered.  It was pretty amazing to know that I could do that.  Pain is finite, too; nothing lasts forever.  

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  • I'm planning a med free vbac.  My epi didn't work right with DD, I have zero desire to go down that road again.

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    As long as the baby and I are doing fine I am going to do this naturally. I guess the biggest thing for me is that birth and pregnancy are not illnesses, and I know that no matter how bad the pain is, it will bring me my daughter and it will end!


    My best friend thought the same way, but while being in labor decided that she was NOT having any of the meds her doctor recommended for her HBP (that she had never had before). Well, she almost died twice absolutely wanting to go natural. Her husband had to choose between their son and his wife at one point... She ended up having an emergency c-section, while techs were reanimating her. Her son was born barely alive, and she still wasn't completely back...

    Let's just say that I plan on using natural pain relieving methods (bath, breathing, massage, meditation), but if something doesn't go as planned, hit me with whatever it will take for the both of us to come out alive and well. 

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  • I had two natural deliveries. IT has been six years and I am not as brave as I used to be. I can't stop worrying about the stitches I will inevitably need as the first and second times I tore, last one the worst. I wish I could just squash these thoughts, after all the oxytocin that naturally occurs from contractions returns a euphoric endorphin allowing you to forget the pain of pushing. I didnt mind the stitching process in all honesty but being aware of it now after all these years scares me in a new way. Im still going natural.
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