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Infected belly ring?

Im 27w 5 days . Ive had my navel pierced for about 5 years. Its never got infected until i got pregnant. It looks swollen.. But scarred up at the same time? I finally got a maternity ring put it in. Its gotten a tiny bit better, but its still infected. I tried the salt warm water thing once, but didnt show any progress of getting better. I took the piercing out tonight noticed the hole isnt even wear its supposed to be anymore. Maybe because my stomach has gotten bigger ? But the top of the belly button where you're supposed to have it pierced at.. Is like a few cm up.. Has this happened to anyone? What can i do to get the scar looking red place to go away?

Re: Infected belly ring?

  • When I got preg with my first, this same thing happened to me. I finally had to just accept the hormones in my body were never going to let me have a piercing. As for the scar, I was never able to get mine to clear up. I still have a horrible looking scar were mine was, and now with this pregnancy, you see both holes. I look like I have bullet scars or something lol. They have cream you can buy over the counter (I forget the name of it) that is suppose to make scars less noticeable. Overtime, they will get better, but the scars will always be there. 
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  • This happened to my belly too. I took my ring out ab three years ago, but it never healed. You could always see the top hole and now that I'm 34 weeks preggo it's like the piercing shifted upward and you can see both holes. I also have a red stretch mark right over top of it... It's so unattractive!
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  • Yeah, I got mine done (crooked Sad) when I was 15, and it's been out for several years. It never *really* healed. Now the space between the top and bottom hole is permanently red (and kinda hot), and the crookedness is even more pronounced than before Sad

    I just hope that it all goes back to at least somewhat normal PP. Sorry, no words of advice... just sympathies. 

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  • When you have an infected piercing, you shouldn't take the piercing out because if it starts to close up, the infection gets trapped inside and has nowhere to drain and can get a lot worse.  It needs to be open for the pus and infection to drain naturally out.

    The hole on my belly ring migrated a upwards a little on mine and was a little red for a month or two after I took mine out.  Now the hole looks oddly flat and stretched out a little. 

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  • Are you saying it's infected just because it's red or because gross stuff is coming out?  Have you asked your doctor during an appointment?  I had my doctor look at mine when my belly first started growing because I thought mine might be infected.  She looked and said, "Nope.  Looks fine!" 

    It was really red around the top and bottom holes.  The red never really went away, but now it's just a darker color around the holes, not the bright, inflamed red it looked like in the beginning.

    And, yes, the holes will not be where they originally were.  Wait until you have no belly button at all.  I've also had lap surgery before.  I call my belly FrankenBelly.


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  • My OB told me to take mine out at about 22 weeks so that it wouldn't get infected from my stomach stretching. Now that I'm almost 39 weeks I can see the top and bottom hole and my belly button has popped out. It does look red around the holes too, and it doesn't really seem like the redness is going to go away.
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  • Mine began doing the same thing at around 28 weeks. I've had it for 7 yrs w/ no probs until pregnancy. I bought a plastic maternity one. It did not react well. It began swelling and hurting. I just started turning it with alcohol and/or peroxide a few times a day. It didn't get any better after almost 2 weeks, so I just let it go. Dang!
  • I started showing pretty early on, so I got a pregnancy ring to replace mine, probably around 3 months or so.  It stuck out funny and I ended up rubbing it on everything causing more irritation, I just finally took it out a few weeks ago (around 27/28 weeks) and its still red/purple but doesn't feel bad... just hoping it will look semi-normal after my belly recovers.


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