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Hi ladies!

I was wondering if anyone has tried acupressure to help with dilation and/or labor? I'm going to be 40 weeks tomorrow and I'm still at 1 cm dilated. I also wanted to know if it has worked for anyone or is it a lost cause.

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Re: Acupressure

  • My doula recommended it.  I've tried to do it a little but not sure it's as effective as someone else helping.  She sent me these two videos -  and   HTH you out!
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  • I googled/youtubed it the other day and started to do it.  Then I realized my OB wasn't on call that night and quit right away. :)  Going to see how much I can do tonight though!  I've heard some friends say they swear it worked for them.  Most people I know swear by good old sex though.  We haven't tried that yet...DH is sick and I'm not sure I want his germs, labor or not!  (Edit: Don't think I'm crazy by my ticker - it's wrong!  I'm being induced early next week too if this baby doesn't come on his own!)

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  • I got a prenatal massage yesterday and the woman hit several pressure points for me.  I'll find out at my appointment Monday if it worked.  I'm also going to schedule an appointment for accupuncture Monday.  I've heard some successes stories.
  • I think it depends on you & also your therapist.  For example I tried it with LO#1 but he had never dropped & I'm not sure how skilled she was.  Also like my dr said 1/3 of women have no signs of labor until the day they go into it.  So if you're the 2/3 then it'd probably work better for you, but if you're like me maybe it could help but my guess is not.  Tho I'm desperate to avoid a repeat C & will try anything & my ins pays for so I'm going early this week, figuring WTH.  So really it's up to you & your time & wallet IMO. I've also had 3 acupunture sessions with 2 different drs & still I've got nothing to show for it.  My guess is that they are similar in terms of who they can help.
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