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Anyone else fall?

I fell today while walking down my steep driveway that DH had just shoveled snow off of. I fell backwards flat on my back and hit more on my tailbone and elbows since I was trying to brace my fall. I didn't hit my stomach and I didn't get seriously hurt or anything, and when I came in I felt LO moving quite a bit and have no spotting etc. my back hurts a little bit but I feel like its more of a pregnancy ache than a back ache from falling you know. I'm going to call my OB just to make sure but figured I'm fine right? As long as I feel him moving I should be good?
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Re: Anyone else fall?

  • I fell in the bathtub when I was pregnant with DD and they still wanted me to come in a get checked out. I was fine but they still wanted to see me. 
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  • I fell two weeks ago and landed on my knee and side. They still had me come in for observation.
  • My Grandmother told me that she fell on ice when she was pregnant with my mother. No damage done, and my mom is just fine!
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  • I literally don't think I could get to the hospital because our street isn't plowed...and there's about 3 to 4 feet of snow. Hmm I'll see what they say.
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  • I fell a little over a month ago at 30 weeks.

    We were at Disney and were checking in our hotel and I trapped over a piece of luggage. I went backwards and fell completely on my back and leg, all holding my toddler. Luckily it was my back and my son was fine since I was holding him.

    I didn't call the doctor since I was in a different state but I also felt the baby move immediately. Not going to lie, I was freaked out the rest of the week even though his movements were fine. If I was home, I definitely would have called just to give me a piece of mind. I was positive the baby was fine but it's still a scary situation!


  • I slipped and fell on my bum a few weeks ago. I felt LO move within the next hour so I didn't call my doctor since I had an appointment in 2 days anyway. I raised it with my dr at my appointment, and he explained to me how well padded LO is, and falling on my bum wasn't going to do anything, and the fact that I still felt normal movement meant everything was fine.

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  • I fell at 20-something weeks. My OB had me come in for two hours of monitoring. However, the biggest risk is placental abruption and OB told me that when that happens you will likely bleed, have contractions, and notice decreased fetal movement.  So if you cannot get to the hospital and aren't noticing any of the above signs, I wouldn't worry too much. But definitely call. 

  • I slipped and fell in my snowy driveway last Friday....see my post from yesterday, "Bedrest Blahs."
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  • I slipped on the ice when I was pg with my 1st, around 30 weeks, and landed right on my belly. I was definitely freaked out, and called the on-call nurse. She said to obviously rest, keep a close observation on baby's movements (he was very active, so I would have noticed a difference pretty quickly), and to come in if I start leaking/spotting, but other than that I would most likely be fine. She said it actually takes a really big blow to hurt baby in the womb. Apparently, our bodies are well designed to protect our little ones!

  • I called and she basically said I could stay home or come in, so that was no help. She did give me the signs to look for. I have a lot of contractions, like 3 to 4 an hour but that's normal for me. I have noticed an intense amount of spd pain though, I wonder if I messed something up by falling on my butt, like if I hurt my pelvis and made my spd worse, or even worse if I fractured something. I guess it doesn't matter either way because it's not like I can or would ever have an x ray in my pelvis region of all places, and I'm still feeling LO move strong and just as frequently.
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  • Glad to hear that you're still feeling LO move around as normal! Bummer about your SPD feeling worse though. As if you need that! :S I can see falling on your butt and hurting your tailbone affecting that. Try and get some more rest if you can! As you know, there really isn't anything they can do for it. :S

    And I feel for you that they told you that you can stay home or go in. I hate having to make that decision on my own. Still, if LO is moving lots and you're not having other signs of labour or complications, then you probably don't have anything to worry about.

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  • I'm in AB, Canada- lots of snow and ice to navigate! My OB said that if I fell on my back or bum it's probably ok, just to watch for any leaking fluid, bleeding or decreased fetal movement and if that's the case go to the hospital to get checked.  If I fall and hit my abdomen to come in to get checked no matter what.  You're probably fine, just be aware of LO's movements for the next while.   
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  • Thanks everyone!  Still feeling LO move quite a bit, loving these rib kicks.  And my spd is pretty bad but it may even be because he's dropped even more now, as I can tell from all the pressure when I'm walking around.  So no worries, I have an NST tomorrow at the office anyways but thought I would update.
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