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a couple of questions please

hi all av a couple of questions

1. my LO just turned 4mths and doesnt seem interested in rolling over unless on his side.Instead he wants to stand up. anyone in my shoes.

2. which stores carry budget-friendly baby products. Need to get some item for my LO

Re: a couple of questions please

  • Mine can roll completely but just wants to stand also...DS was an early walker a,nd i was hoping DD would be the opposite so this has me worried.

    I shop consignment sales, Amazon, diapers.com, drugstore.com
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  • My LO has rolled over 5 times since 3 months. He seems more interested in trying to move forward.

    I use Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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  • image SarahW44:

    My LO has rolled over 5 times since 3 months. He seems more interested in trying to move forward.

    I use Amazon, Target, and Walmart.


    exactly this. 


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  • My LO has no interest in rolling either. He rolls onto his side to sleep at night but that is it. Dr didn't seem concerned at his 4 mo appt so neither am I.

    Other posters got already listed the good places to buy.

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  • As a mom of three, I encourage you to just enjoy what your baby IS (or is not) doing and don't try to rush through to the next new thing, as excited/anxious as you may be to experience each new phase. The next thing you know, your little one will be 6 and smelly and will say things like "whatever" to you and you will long for the days when he/she was too little to roll over. Honestly, as long as the doc isn't concerned about any major developmental delays, just enjoy it. Mine isn't doing much of anything yet except being freaking adorable and I'm perfectly happy to let him take his time because I know he'll be saying "whatever" to me soon enough.  

    As for  budget-friendly items, I hardly ever buy anything new. If you don't have any problem with used items, check consignment shops, craigslist, or local baby item facebook groups. I have spent a FRACTION of what my friends have and my stuff is just as nice as theirs even though it is almost all used. If you want new, Target has some really great stylish stuff for good prices.

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  • I have found things at Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory for a fraction of the cost of other places...if you have one by you

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