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Mimi is here!

I don't use our kiddos' real names anywhere other than FB, but our second gal, with the online alias "Mimi" has finally arrived! 

Our first arrived at 38 weeks exactly, so we (wrongly) assumed that this second LO would make her arrival around the same time. She took her sweet time, though. Tuesday, the 5th, was my due date, and we had started talking about planning an induction with my OB for Friday. Before that was confirmed, I woke up around 5 a.m. Wednesday a.m. with contractions. I got a little worried when the second one started just 8 minutes later. Since I'm a STM, my doc said to come in when they're about 10 mins apart since subsequent labors/deliveries tend to move quicker. 

They stayed about 8-10 mins apart, though, as we dropped our 4-yr-old at my ILs and made our way to the hospital. I had been 4 cm at my Tuesday doc appt, and arrived at L&D at about 5 cm. Contractions were getting stronger, but stayed about 6 mins apart until they started up the pitocin. That stuff is no joke, man! (I didn't need any w/ my first delivery.) I was laying there when I felt my water make a huge pop, which was also audible over the monitors I was strapped to, so it really startled me and my husband. 

And similar to my 1st delivery, in the short time it took me to get the epidural, I had dilated fully and was more than ready to push. My doc arrived just in time -- I essentially had one more contraction before it was go-time. I pushed for about 7 minutes and out Mimi came. 

11:13 a.m. 7 lbs., 13 ozs, 20" long.  

We came home yesterday and are settling in nicely. And I'm happy to report that the panic that comes with a newborn is much less then second time around, even w/ a 4-yr-old in the mix. :)

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