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had my 38 week appt. yesterday with my other OB doctor.I'm lucky enough to see one or the other every time i go so they both know whats going on with me and baby.Last week I had my GBS test done by Dr. M and then he checked my progress.2 and a half cm. dilated and baby was really low(he didnt specify efacement) and he said I was ready to go anytime,he thought sooner than later. got a call from the lab this week,guess i tested positive for group B,no biggie,just means i have to get to the hospital sooner than the 5-1-1 most people go in at,which is probably good anyway,genetically my family has quick labors and the doctor is guessing it will be quick also.My 38 week appt yesterday with Dr. H I was 3 cm dilated, 100% effaced and i had been cramping and having random contractions for the last couple days. Dr. H also thinks I can go in anytime. Had some blood and a small amount of tissue loss last night,assuming it has to do with the internal and could have to do a little with mucus plug,it stopped after a couple hours and wasnt too heavy.but the point is i've been consistently crampy for a couple days, contracting every 20-40 min for the past like 4 hours and getting frustrated they arent getting any closer!im ready!doctors say baby is ready!my ILs are ALL calling and my family is on standby,we have this mega storm that is not going to be fun driving in but i just want to go and get this part over with and hold my LO!typical prego rant..just hoping i can get through the remainder of this pregnancy and keep my DH..poor guy...

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