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Northeast Baby Showers this weekend

To those of you with showers this weekend in the Northeast, did you still have them or have to cancel?  We cancelled and moved to another date! :( 

Re: Northeast Baby Showers this weekend

  • I feel so badly for everyone who had their shower scheduled for this weekend :( The weather is not conducive at ALL to travel.   
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  • Mine was rescheduled for next weekend. I'm not sure how many people will be able to make it now.
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  • Mine is a little one for local friends only, scheduled for tomorrow. We decided to go ahead and do it, because most people will be taking public transportation anyway. However, I have to hitch a ride with a friend, because my car is completely stuck in the driveway and DH had to go to work tonight before he was able to dig it out.
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  • We rescheduled ours for next Sunday. Seems like most people will make it but if not, no big deal. I was bummed at first but it was for the best to reschedule. Plus, my husband and I were not going to be up for it after spending the last 26 hours without power.
  • Mine was for Saturday, we still had it. I had 2 cancellations due to weather and 2 due to sick children. It was still fun though. Hopefully everyone who does have theirs next weekend has a good time. :-) 

  • Ours was cancelled due to the storm which was really sad because my mom and the host flew out from California to be here. Now we are looking at March 2nd as a last resort (due to my husband's work schedule) and if not then it will have to be a 'Sip and See' some months later... :( 


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  • So, after much back and forth, with the original blizzard-date being just 3 weeks before my EDD, there wasn't another good weekend for the hosts before the EDD. They really want to do something for me and have enthusiastically proposed them giving me a "meet the baby" shower a month after EDD instead of a baby shower before. I honestly felt pressured into saying yes but am not thrilled about that many people around the baby at once and the baby being out at a restaurant. I felt like such a debbie downer if I had said it should just be cancelled and I'll see them all one by one, I'm sure but they were so happy I couldn't say no. What do you think? 

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