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Stomach virus?

How do you tell the diff between a virus and just regular baby puke? She hasn't vomited after every feeding, but once yesterday am, once in the evening, and once this morning. Seemed like a total emptying of the tummy each time. She's happy, but she does have a cold.

She's still making the normal amount of wet diapers.

Would you call? Our pedi is open Saturdays, but she just went yesterday. I don't mind taking her, and we have awesome insurance, but it's cold and rainy, and I think it's better for her to stay home if they can't do anything for her.

My poor baby has been sick now for 2 weeks! Are other daycare babies experiencing this?

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Re: Stomach virus?

  • My LO has only had the cough and runny nose issues since starting daycare.  He spits up, but not that much!  If your pedi is open today, you can just call them and ask.  If the pedi feels that it's something your baby needs to come in for then s/he will tell you.  At least it gives you more a peace of mind!!
  • We've all been sick on and off since we started daycare last month. Most recently he was in the hospital for a respiratory infection I think you were too right?. Since being home he has coughed so hard after feedings he has vomited everything back up. We asked dr about it and she said it is all part of him learning to cough and clear his throat/mucus. Not sure if that is what you are experiencing too
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  • No idea but hope she feels better soon! Sick babies are so sad :(


  • If she's still making wet diapers, than she should be good. But the diapers are such a lagging indicator that I would still call if it seems like she is spitting up everything.
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  • It happened again. Called the doctor, and he said there is a stomach virus with cold symptoms going around. She's happy and has tears, saliva, and diapers, so she can stay home and rest. Just keeping a close eye on her. And making sure she's always on a towel!

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  • Poor kiddo! Hang in there momma.
    My LO got a daycare cold after about a week (and promptly gave it to me), and has had it for 2+ weeks now. Nothing serious, runny/stuffy nose, minor cough - we took her in last weekend after she got a low fever just to get her lungs checked out & the doc ruled out flu and RSV.

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