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Taking your LO out

How soon did you take your baby outside to do errands. I have two older children 8 and 6 and I have so many errands do to for them. Like valentine parties coming up need to go to the store to get cards and gifts etc. I don't know if its ok to take LO out for unnecessary things like that. I could get my mom. To get the gifts for kids but she never gets the right thing for them she is kinda old school and gets the plain Jane basic things and they hate it. Oh yeah Dh works 13 hours a day 7 days a week until march 15
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Re: Taking your LO out

  • I think our first trip out was around 9 days old. I went mid morning when they weren't busy, kept him in his car seat with a blanket draped over it. No one bothered him.
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  • We left the hospital and stopped at BRU on the way home. I have a 3yr old and 2yr old and live really far away from family... We are out and about almost every day. Next week DH will be back to work and my mom will be back at home, so baby will be dropping off and picking up from preschool with me.
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  • LO was born early in mid December-we took her to finish Christmas shopping :) She was 5 days old for a walk outside in my coat. 6 days old at the mall. Wedding like pp said, in carseat with the canopy all the way up and a blanket hanging over to keep people away. Now I often wear her with a ring sling in stores. People come and look,but don't touch because they feel like they're invading your space. I've had random strangers touch her hands and feet in an open car seat. Some people have no clue.
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  • We took DS out at 5 days old to run an errand at the store. It was a less cold day and we didn't know when that would happen again.

    I'm lucky to have FI home a lot of the time so that I don't have to take DS out for every little thing. Otherwise, I'd do it. I'm not going to call my mom or FI's mom (or friends/other family) every single time I want to run an errand. 

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  • Your older kids are more likely to bring someone home and then be in the baby's face.  Taking the baby out and making sure he/she stays in the car seat is actually less of a risk :)
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  • I think she was about 2.5 weeks old but it was more because I didn't feel well than my being worried about taking her out.
  • We took LO out at 5 days to BRU and target before the pedi visit. We go out on errands together fairly regularly. People tend to look and ask questions and not touch. I have just been using a lot of antibacterial gel on my hands after touching things before handing DD. she survived her first month just fine lol



  • Both of my kids were out within their first week.  With DD we were in hospital 'till day 5 but went out to dinner with my PILs that evening with baby in tow.  She and I were at a coffee house the next day to see a girlfriend.  With DS I already had DD so there was not much chill time.  He was out to the grocery and dinner the 2nd day we were home so day 5 for him.  I had csections with both kids too!
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  • At 3 weeks I had to pick out bridesmaid dresses for a wedding so she came with me. The bride held her for me and everyone looked but no one touched! It has been really cold here and there was a lot of flu so I was really nervous to take her out. At 1 mo I took her to the mall so I could get some exercise. I only go out if it's above freezing once a week...maybe.
  • Almost everyday since I brought my son home. If I'm in the store I baby wear and people didn't violate my space but some did ask questions about him. Once we get home I immediately change his clothes and wipe him down to get any germs off him. I'm a hypochondriac lol but baby and I needs to breathe fresh air every once and again so I put that aside for those few minutes
  • DS2 is 2 weeks old and we've already had him out for errands a few times.  I just wear him in the Moby and he sleeps happily, is kept warm, and nobody is touching him or breathing on him except for me.  The way I see it, I've already had to take him to the pedi's office twice, and there are probably more germs flying about in there than at Whole Foods.
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  • I took my DD out when she was 5 days old. My toddler was getting cooped up, so we went out for lunch. 
  • About 6 days old. I always wear DD in a carrier so I don't worry too much about people touching her
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