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Bob strollers help

Does anyone use a bob revolution for everyday use and light jogging? Would you recommend it? We are thinking of purchasing a used one...anyone have experience with previous year's versions? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Re: Bob strollers help

  • 1. Love love our BOB.

    2. We live in a busy city so lugging it up and down stairs is hard. Going places ie dr visit etc is out of the question.

    3. Running fast walking really is a dream. It is very maneuverable.

    4. We bought a used one from a friend. Pre 2011 version. We had to do a bit of research to find the infant car seat adapter that fit our 2012 Chicco car seat. Amazon rocks

  • ThAnks! What model do you have? Do you have a 2nd stroller for drs apps, etc? 
  • The BOB Revolution. I started 'Couch to 2.5" to get myself in shape. I ran in a drizzly kind of weather...ran and walk combo...the stroller was so SO easy to run with.

    We dont have a second one but I'm thinking of getting a light one to keep in the car. I've seen some light ones that clip right into the car seat.

  • We have a 2012 as our only stroller. It's big and heavy but super maneuverable. I've gone shopping with it and only run into a few problems with it being too big in stores that are really tight. We'd eventually like to get an umbrella stroller as well (probably once LO is out of her infant carseat and we no longer have the option to click that into the BOB), but no other stroller, big or little, we've tried has as smooth of a ride as the BOB.

    If you don't really want a jogger and want something smaller with a super smooth ride, BOB's new stroller, the BOB Motion is very similar to the City Mini and REI is doing a special right now where if you buy the stroller you get the Britax B-Safe free. 


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  • I have a BOB Revolution and I LOVE it.  I've had it since 2009.  I was still using it with my nearly 4 year old DS until new baby was born and now her seat goes in it.  I have done everything with it from going shopping, walking, and training for a half-marathon.  It's my very, very favorite stroller.  I do have a Maclaren, too, for when I don't need quite the heavy-duty stroller and I don't need to put the infant seat in it.
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  • We don't have a BOB, but for a lighter carseat, we have an umbrella stroller.  SO worth it! So much easier than lugging his car seat in to certain things, like the doctors haha
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  • We have a new BOB revolution se. I would not consider myself a runner... i average 15 to 20 miles per week but I love it! I use the car seat adapter and off we go. I do not use it for small shopping trips, etc.

    For an everyday stroller we use a snap n go. It is light weight, easy to use, and takes up very little space.

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