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talk to me about your diaper changing routine (xp)

What's your diaper changing routine entail?...particularly for diaper rash prevention/remedy.

Per pedi recommendations, I have not been using anything for a wet diaper (no wipes, no nothing) and only wipes for a poop diaper. If there was any redness, I was using a zinc oxide spray. Pedi said the least amount of product the better. 

Lately, DS is pretty red where the skin folds in his legs rub together and/or where diaper rubs that same area, as well as red along the side of his testicles where I'm assuming the diaper must be rubbing. The area is red and shiny looking (kinda like a burn) and there's an area on his testicles where the skin is peeling. So, now, I'm thinking blot warm wet cloth to area after pee diapers and blot dry. Wipe with poop diapers still. And let the area dry out for a bit before applying ointment and putting diaper on. 

Any other recs? Favorite diaper rash cream? 

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Re: talk to me about your diaper changing routine (xp)

  • This is what I do and I find it helps:
    Use alcohol free wipes
    Let her have a few minutes of diaper free time at each change to air out and dry
    I use Vaseline at each change to help prevent irritation
    If a rash occurs I use Sudocrem

    Good luck!



  • When DD gets bad we use extra strength Butt Paste. We only wash when she poops and that's with a warm washcloth. And like PP said let the bum air dry before putting another diaper on.


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  • We do use the A/D prevent sometimes and that has worked wonders!
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  • We use a cloth wipe, dampened with a solution of water plus a few drops of Burts Bees baby soap (I keep it in a peri bottle by the changing table). For pee we do nothing. We CD so we use Grovia Magic Stick but if he's really red we'll use Desitin and put him in a disposable.

    He pees alllll the time so we change him about once every hour or so, or immediately if he poops.

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  • i give DD about 5 minutes of bare butt time before and after her bath.

    after wiping (wet or poopy diapers) we use a cornstarch powder for at least half of her daily diapers.  she gets a little pink some days, but rarely gets an acutal rash.

    maybe try a different brand of diapers.  DD doesnt have an issue with Loves (i hate how they fit, but no breakouts) but my cousins kids break out when they wore them.

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  • We use a paste called Periguard. I'm not sure who makes it but it is blue in color. We bought it from our Pedi when LO had a very mild yeast infection like rash. It worked very well.

    We use alcohol free pampers sensitive wipes but only for poopy diapers. Also give lots of naked butt time.
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  • I like a little bit of a cornstarch-based powder to dry out the area (make sure it doesn't get in his face) topped with a thick layer of Butt Paste.
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  • I cloth diaper LO during the day but I put him in a sposie at night with some Baby Anti Monkey Butt Cream. Works like a charm!!
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  • I put Aquaphor or Vaseline in all of LO's diapers. Also, when he had diaper rash pedi suggested saturating a cloth in warm water, squeezing water on the area then blotting to clean. And then patting dry. This is for bowel movements. She told us the actual wiping of areas is what sometimes causes rash. So we try not to wipe and I find the Vaseline makes our job easier because everything just slides off his butt
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