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Glider or Carrier?

DH and I have been having a bit of a not-so-serious argument. to give a litle background, we're prety broke (both FT students) but got some money from my grandparents at my baby shower. We hawere blessed to receive all of the essentials over the course of the baby showers thrown for us, and we'd like to use the money my grandparents gave us ($150) to buy a "splurge" baby item. We were thinking of an inexpensive glider or the Beco Gemini carrier. DH is set on the glider because he thinks we'd use it more, whereas I see myself using the carrier more. What do you suggest?

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Re: Glider or Carrier?

  • Glider, hands down.

     You can find a nice carrier for cheap on CL or FB resale groups, as well as watching clearance and amazon sales. I'd much rather put a chunk of change on a new glider.

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  • I vote carrier. My kiddos liked to be bounced, so I usually used an exercise ball to gently bounce them to sleep.

    Though honestly, if you are broke, save your money for diapers and supplies. Buy a used carrier or glider, borrow one if you can.
  • Glider.  I had a wooden rocking chair with my first two and I hated it.  Never sat in it.  With my third, we got a glider and oh my goodness.  I love sitting in it!  I actually enjoy sitting in the nursery with my little guy.

    You can get a used carrier for half the price of new. 

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  • image orangecurls:
    I vote carrier. My kiddos liked to be bounced, so I usually used an exercise ball to gently bounce them to sleep. Though honestly, if you are broke, save your money for diapers and supplies. Buy a used carrier or glider, borrow one if you can.

    See, I would worry about diapers and those supplies, but we honestly have had SO MANY (400 N, 700 sz1, 500 sz 2, and 2000 wipes just for starters) given to us that I'm not too concerned about that. We'll have enough money each month to take care of that, we were just wanting to use the gift money we received for something we'd like but couldn't afford right away... if that makes any sense.

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  • Get a glider.  You can get a used carrier pretty easily and cheaply.

    Or, try to get both from CL. 

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  • I would say a carrier? and buy one used!! I heart the Ergo and swear by it. A carrier is essential for two reasons. First: quick walks outside do wonders for babies when they are not calm. Something about fresh air is irreplaceable with any other gadget.  Second: If you live in an area where your supermarket or post office is walkable, the carrier is the fast, easy solution to wanting to Get Somewhere Fast. Strollers slow you down... And Third (I know I said two...) Some babies want to be held. All the time. You need your hands!

    I have a glider, but did not buy it until baby was 8 months or so (thats when we put her in a separate room and needed a chair so decided to get a $100 Dutailer off Craigslist!). It was nice to have but by no means essential. I still like it (locked into chair mode) because of the seat height.

    Holding baby on the couch or in bed, or in a chair (not too low to the ground though? hard to get up!) was just fine. Never needed the "rocking" of glider but she loved swings at other people's houses (we did not have room for one).

    That being said all babies are different. I agree with those who said to save most of the $$ for diapers? babies don't stop being expensive after the first 6 months!! At the very least, wait until Baby is born to see what you actually need!


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  • This is a tough decision.  We splurged on a nice upholstered glider and ottoman for the nursery, and I used it several times a day while DS was an infant (middle of the night feedings and we'd go to his room to nurse if we had company over), we still use it every night to read stories before bed, and it's a neutral, "normal" looking piece of furniture that we can move to the living room or my office later.  That said, if you keep LO in your room, you might not use a glider- I have a friend who never touched hers.

    I also had an Ergo and while it didn't work the best for tiny infants, after about 3-4 months it was a godsend, and we used it almost everywhere instead of a stroller.  Some people really prefer their strollers.....

    I would hold off on making a decision for now and just keep an eye on Craig's List to see if you can find a good deal on either item, and then wait till baby gets here and see what you feel like you're missing.  If it drives you crazy that you don't have a glider in the nursery, go for that.  If you feel like you'd like to baby wear, go that's hard to predict what you will/won't use until the baby gets here and you can see what works for your family. 

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  • Maybe you can get both if you look on craigslist?
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  • Glider for sure.
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  • I'm no help. I can't imagine choosingboth have been so needed for us. I agree with previous folksget each on Craigslist for 75 each. That is definitely out there.
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  • I wish I lived where you guys do! The Craigslist here in New Orleans is pretty crappy when it comes to kid stuff. It's either people selling stuff for a LOT more than it's worth the cheapest glider I've seen was 100 for a model selling for 130 at the store brand new and I've NEVER seen a quality carrier sold on Craigslist.

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  • I would go with a glider. I got a carrier for $5 at a yard sale and barely use it. We use our glider every night.


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  • We don't have a glider and I really haven't missed it. I do however, use my carriers every day. If he's set on a glider, maybe get one but set aside a little bit for an inexpensive ring sling?

    ETA: If you're both students, you'll probably need your hands free to continue with homework/typing/etc. You can still get your work done while wearing your baby, where as if you're stuck consoling your baby in the glider, you're not as able to multitask. 


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  • Definitely a glider. Carriers are so easy to find on CL. There is even a local baby wearers group on FB in my area and there might be one in yours. They sell carriers all the time and you might be even able to borrow from them.
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  • Carrier. 

    I never had a glider with DD but I use my carrier all the time. She's 14 months and I still put her in the Beco a lot. The carrier is/was my lifesaver. 
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  • Glider 

    LO is almost 3 and we still use the glider everyday.  We still rock in it for a few minutes before bed and we read books in before bed. 

    WIth that said, I bought BOTH our glider and carrier used.  The glider I got off of craigslist and the carrier I got from a consignment event.

    If you haven't heard of it, look up Just between Friends Consignment Sales.  They are awesome and you can get TONS of gently used baby stuff from them


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  • I don't really think gliders are a necessity, especially a cheap flimsy one.  Yes, well-crafted gliders are a nice bit of luxury, but you can learn to feed comfortably on your bed, in a second hand-rocking chair, sofa, floor, wherever.  A quality carrier is probably more versatile and you can actually resell it for a decent return.  With your budgetary concerns, I'd still rather use the money to buy several second-hand items then splurge on one expensive thing.
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  • Glider!

    My sister who had a 4 month old regretted not getting a glider for the initial 6 weeks when all she did was feeding the baby! Then she got  this glider for $129.. Life's much easier for her now!


  • I would say get used and get both! Check online facebook yard sales, craigslist, and yard sales (browse yard sales on craigslist to see what people are selling before you drive all around).

    We use the glider every single day.

    We have an ergo and we LOVE it....however, it only gets used about once a week.

    I think it will just depend on what your baby likes best. 

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  • image myluckypig:
    I would say get used and get both! Check online facebook yard sales, craigslist, and yard sales browse yard sales on craigslist to see what people are selling before you drive all around.We use the glider every single day.We have an ergo and we LOVE it....however, it only gets used about once a week.I think it will just depend on what your baby likes best.nbsp;

    I agree with this. We love our Ergo or rather I do, since DH will not use it, but get way more use out of the glider.
  • Abbyslane has gently used carriers for sale, they have a Beco Butterfly 2 for $79 right now.  I don't get the one I registered for, that's what I'm going to do.  Smile
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  • I have never had a glider and never "missed" it, but having a good carrier has been a necessity with my older two (we'll see how #3 feels soon). Neither wanted to be put down ever, so they spent much of their time snuggled into me and the carrier allowed me to get things done, chase my older one around the playground and just do what we needed while the baby got the cuddles they needed.
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  • image KatieKarasin:
    Maybe you can get both if you look on craigslist?

    I second this!  Try to get both.  I never consitered looking for used, but you can get such nice things on craigslist, bookoo, local garage sale sites.... Especially if you have a bit of time to look. 

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  • With baby #1 I definitely got way more use out of the glider.  I nursed her for 14 months and we did all of the morning, night, and nap time feedings in it.  Even still we sit in it most nights for story time.  

    The carrier is helpful too, but in my case not something I used daily.  I foresee with #2 it will come in handy more since ill be able to carry the baby while still chasing after a toddler.   

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  • I didn't have a glider at all and found the couch more than adequate as a place to sit. When I wanted to rock my baby, I got off my lazy butt and stood!

    But I couldn't have lived without the carrier; DD wanted to be held 24/7, which was exhausting. I also used it when traveling by plane, while food shopping and to navigate tight restaurants or places with stairs when a stroller would have just been obnoxious.
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  • Another thought, you might be able to get/borrow a moby wrap for a lot less than a beco, and still have some mony for a glider. That way you'll know if your baby likes the carrier before making a larger investment.  I used a moby early on and then switched to an ergo.  I don't know about beco but ergo carriers cannot be used until around four months unless you purchase an infant insert (which costs about what the moby does). 
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  • I have a Boba and LOVE it, so I recommend a carrier. Right now, has some on clearance, the Beco and Ergo are great prices. Here's the link:

    HOWEVER, I also used a recliner alot because I breastfed and it was nice to have in DS's room for those nighttime feedings. However, if you're co-sleeping or have another chair you can put in LO's room this isn't an issue at all.

    Get the carrier and find a used glider IMO.

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  • I would get the glider. It's harder to find a decent used one, and if the fabric is yucky, it's harder to clean/replace. If you get a used carrier, you can toss it in the washer and it'll be good to go.
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  • gliders are terrible. skip it and use a recliner / rocker instead. the beco gemini is an awesome carrier. totally worth the money. a $150 glider will be a piece of crap. invest in the gemini. it's worth it and you'll use it a ton. we still use it with our 13-mo old (we can do an easy back carry for long walks).
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  • Get a glider. I find myself rocking my 2 month old for hours while he nurses and naps. I have an ergo that I love, but he'll only tolerate it for about 45 minutes or so. I also have a Bjorne which works fine and inexpensive, so you could buy a used one on CL for probably 10 bucks.
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