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Sorry I'm posting so much but as you can see I need a lot of help : )

Does anyone have experience buying private insurance?  I've been looking online but it's all gibberish to me.  I don't know what to look for, what a good price is, what co-insurance would be right. Help please?

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Re: Private Insurance

  • We had to buy private insurance for a few months when we moved back from abroad. Not sure what state you are in but I'm in CA and used a health insurance broker -  they work on commission from the health care companies so take note of that but he was able to provide me with lots of info and he knew what we were looking for. In the end he suggested three different kinds and I picked from there. FWIW I did check about getting the same insurance we got without the broker and the premiums were the same cost (that isn't always the case), but I didn't have to do all the research on finding what worked best. Saved me a lot of time. 
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  • We have Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  When we had to get on private insurance I used a health insurance broker.  I actually got better premiums going through them instead of using e-insurance online.  So I suggest seeking out the assistance of an insurance broker.  They will find out what your families needs are and they will find you companies that meets those needs.
  • I used to work for an insurance broker that had a nationwide presence for the most part (not sure what state you are in).  I worked in small group insurance but we did have a department that worked with individuals in getting them individual policies.  It really depends on what your families needs are.  Some families need bare minimum coverage and others need really good insurance and are willing to pay more for it.  I don't want to get in trouble for advertising stuff so PM me if you want info.  At the very least try finding a broker that can help you get quotes from different companies and can help explain what all the terms mean and help you try to find what would be best for you.  GL!
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