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Pregnancy brain at its finest... I accidently called 911 at work today. Indifferent Worst part is this is the second time I have done this. How have I not been fired yet?

Please tell me you have done worse!?

Re: 911

  • OK...need to know do you accidentally call 911?  LOL
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  • Nope.

    Though, my 1 year old did manage to dial 911 when I let her play with my phone once. It started ringing, because they called back, and I answer and was surprised to hear 911 on the other line. They were really nice about it, at least. 

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  • One night I was babysitting my niece, she was about 3, and my son and here were fighting. I'm in the kitchen making dinner and I hear her say "You're so mean! I'm calling 911. Well, I would but I don't remember what the 9 looks like." I laughed for a good while, and told my sister she better not teach her what the 9 looks like or she would be calling the police for everything!


  • Well I work in a hotel, and we do comfirmation calls for reservations. you dial 9 to call then 1 if its out of state.... the area code began with a 2, but my finger hit 1 9+1+1 = the police calling back and wondering what the emergency is, and me having to explain this horrible story.
  • My male manager accidentally did that yesterday. He hit 9 to dial outwhich he didn't need to do, and then entered an extension number that started with 1 1...he hung up, but 911 called back. Needless to say, he didn't have the excuse of pregnancy brain :

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  • DS dialed 911 about 6 months ago (he doesn't know about 911 so it was just by chance).  We found out when a state trooper showed up at our door!  Oops

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  • I did this at work the other day too!  We have to dial 9 to get out first and another 9 before making the call.  I dialed 911 instead of 991.  They really should change this so it's not so easy to make that mistake.  I hung up too and they called me right back so I had to explain.  Embarressing...
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  • People do this all the time at our company, since you have to dial 9-1-area code-number to reach an outside line.  One thing they always tell employees is that of you do accidentally dial 9-1-1, don't hang up but stay on the line and explain what happened.  If you hang up they have to send police to the location. 

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  • Peeking over from the April board, but I couldn't resist telling my story...
    I also worked for a hotel where you have to dial "9" to get an outside line, then "1" before dialing the area code.  I had a guest on the line that needed to be connected to internet support, so I set it up to transfer, and dialed 9-1-1, realizing I hit the "1" twice, I tried to hang up the call, but I hit "transfer" so I transfered the guest on the line to the 911 operator!!  Needless to say, I got a call back a minute later from the guest, he was okay about it thank goodness, but he says "Well I really need to get online, but it's not THAT much of an emergency!"
    I wanted to hide under the desk!
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  • Haha, that's actually funny. My husband is a 911 dispatcher and he said this happens all the time! You wouldn't believe how many kiddos call 911. The policy, at least where he works, is to attempt a call back. If its a land line, they will send the police to the location. If its a cell phone, there's not too much they can do.

    Accidentally calling is better than what some call for. "When is my garbage going to be picked up since today is a holiday?" Yes, it's true!
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  • My friend's 9 month old managed to call 911 by accident.  Not sure how he managed it.  He said, luckily, the dispatcher had a sense of humor.
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