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Do cramps mean anything?

I'm sure this has been asked a zillion times so I apologize.  I've been having period-like cramps for days now.  Lower back pain, lower abdominal cramping and today my thighs ache with the cramping.  The cramping doesn't come in waves, I just have it for hours straight. No tightening in my uterus either.

I read somewhere that cramping without tightening means nothing and that if baby is super low she can cause cramps.  Is this anything or just wishful thinking.  I'm due Sunday and really want o avoid induction.

Re: Do cramps mean anything?

  • I was having sporadic contractions Monday night into Tuesday, then slept fantastic that night, felt fine Weds and Thurs and today I'm cramping and having back pain. Grrrr. I was hoping I would go into labor. But it looks like I'm just too cozy of a place for LO. So, I don't know if the cramps mean anything either.


  • I get these all the time. My MW said that in my case, it is likely my body preparing - cervix softening and since he's getting lower and lower, it's probably my body making room for him. I had them really bad last night and voila - this morning he's practically dangling between my knees!
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  • With dd, I had a lot of cramping.  I ended up being fully effaced, and almost 6 cm dilated without being in labor, so they were doing something!
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  • Ok this is good stuff.  Here's hoping they're doing something!!  When I went to the Dr. Wednesday I was 75% but only 1cm--no change from the previous two weeks.  I sure this is constructive pain : )
  • I hope it means something because I've been experiencing the same thing for about two weeks.
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  • All of my contractions felt like period cramps, to the point where I ended up driving myself to the hospital to get checked on something unrelated, and ended up being 4cm and in labor! Until 8cm/water breaking, my contractions completely just felt like the first day of my period.
  • I have been having cramps of and on for about 6 weeks now, and when I asked my doctor if this was contractions or what she said it was most likely contractions or BH.  I read a ton of info about BH and everyone talks about their stomach getting rock hard when they happen, but I guess that isn't necessarily the case.  I was 70% effaced and 1 cm at my last appointment, and I go back on Monday for my 39 week.  I have had more and more of them this week.  So I am hoping it means I am progressing along.
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