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Breastfeeding with this one, but I am uncomfortable with my 2 almost 3 year old seeing.  I mean I will have a blanket over me or one of those covers but still uncomfortable.  Is that strange?  What should I do?

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  • I never covered up when I BFed either of my kids unless I was in public, at someone else's home, or if we had visitors. And I mostly covered up for their comfort. The thought never crossed my mind to cover up in front of my toddler. She was very interested in the BFing process and often would sit with her baby doll and "feed" it when I nursed DD #2.  

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  • I wouldn't say strange. Your feelings are your feelings on the matter and therefore are valid, but I would wonder why the discomfort over your child witnessing what is an entirely normal feeding process. What about makes you uncomfortable?

    First, a toddler wouldn't inherently equate breasts with sex, etc. and, second, natural bodily function is kind of the topic of the day at the age. Also, the toddler will witness many a diaper change and probably even help, so I would ask why BF is somehow worse that that?



  • I don't think it's strange. Some people are modest. Personally, it would be very hard for me to try and nurse under a cover every time, especially when they get a little older. Also DD1 is very curious about body parts, especially boobs and nipples. She would probably just try and lift the cover to see. 

    You could always pump and give bottles. 

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  • I think it's a great opportunity to explain that breasts produce milk to feed babies. Breast feeding is a normal, natural process. My 2.5 yo was weaned at 28 months, and she knows that her sister will drink mommy milk when she comes. DD1 was just over 3 years when she weaned. It's never been a big deal to explain.
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  • You could purchase/make a cover if you really think it's something you're going to struggle with. 

    IMO it's a great thing to teach your toddler. It's completely natural.  

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  • I am FTM but breastfeeding seems like a natural thing.  I don't remember this but when I was 4 and my mom was breastfeeding my sibling, she said I would sit next to her with my doll and pretend to do the same thing.  In my opinion it is ok to have a toddler see what you are doing. It is unlikely s/he will remember.

  • I think it is strange; it's a completely natural process. By covering yourself up, in a way you could be teaching your LO there's something to be ashamed of. There's absolutely nothing wrong or sexual about breast feeding. Plus, it's not terribly comfortable to nurse with a cover, especially for the infant. It gets hot under there.
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