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Visitors after birth

How soon after birth are family and friends invited to see the baby. I know that there'll be an adjustment period with recovery after birth ( natural or c-section) and the whole idea of getting to know your baby and nursing etc. I wonder how long we'll be able to hold everyone at bay.   
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Re: Visitors after birth

  • Unfortunately my mom took over in this area and says as soon as she's born, people are welcome to make their way to the hospital. Ah well, I guess it just keeps people out of my house.
  • They are allowed in pretty soon after the birth.
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  • I suppose it's possible this varies by hospital, but I imagine most hospitals allow visitors as soon as you're ready. 

    I believe some hospitals currently have visitor restrictions because of the flu. I'd check with your hospitals policy just to be safe.  

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  • I'd like some alone time to bond with the baby and attempt nursing.  Also, I'd like my DH to bond with the baby for a bit.  He is not used to being around babies.  It will be hard because I'm sure both sets of grandparents will be impatiently waiting!
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    They are allowed in pretty soon after the birth.

    this* visitors at my hospital are allowed in the delivery room right after baby is here... obviously it is personal choice weather this happens or not

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  • Assuming I get my vbac, I want an hour after birth. Then they can all come in. If I have a RCS then an hour after I get to my room. 

  • The hospital where I delivered asked me if I wanted to restrict visitors for X amount of time, as well as limit the number of people. I said no, because we had already had a plan in place with family members and they (mostly) respected that. However, if I were concerned about it, all I had to do was tell them what I wanted and they would be sure to facilitate that. 

    My mom and FI's mom (FI's mom was not planned) were both in the room with us during delivery and my grandmother, who was coincidentally in town when LO was born was in the waiting room. All three were respectful of our bonding time and left shortly after LO was born. No one returned until we told them that it was okay, which was the next afternoon.

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  • When I had DS, he was about 30 minutes old (enough time to do his weighing and measuring and get me situated) when they allowed people in the delivery room.  I absolutely could have had longer but it was late at night and I knew people were anxious to see him and get home.   People were in the room probably less than 10 minutes and then we had an hour alone before they took him to the transition nursery. 


  • You can keep them waiting as long as you want- DD was born at 5:30 and we were wanting to wait until we got up to our room, but then shift change happened and we were just waiting around in the delivery room until around 7:30. Everyone just waited in the waiting room. Then we moved upstairs and they immediately took DD to the nursery to be bathed and didn't bring her back until after visiting hours were over. So no one saw DD except for the brief time when they pushed me through the crowd or through plate glass until the next day. It just so happens due to scheduling that my mom didn't see/hold DD until we got home with her work schedule.

    I plan to keep everyone at bay for a while, I want DD to meet LO first, and us to be situated in our room but we'll see. I need to check if they have restrictions on DD coming along. 

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  • I'm going to play it by ear. We are planning a home birth, so it is kind of different, but I figure we will call people to tell them he is born when we are ready for visitors.
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  • I've taken a pretty hard line on this one and I am entirely without remorse. Anyone who wants to sit in the waiting room and be bored for hours while I am in labor can do so at their own discretion, but absolutely NO visitors will be coming into my L&D suite until DH and I are ready, likely at least 1 hour postpartum. Impatience or pushiness about coming in the room before we are ready will not be met with a polite response. We will call when we head to the hospital and we will call when the baby is born. When we are ready to have visitors we will notify everyone and immediate family can come in and stay for a couple of hours to meet the baby and celebrate with us. After that, we ask that any visitors call us before they come and the nursing staff will not allow access to my L&D suite if I am sleeping.


  • Well whenever you decide to allow visitors.

    With DD after we had about an hour alone with her we had people come in and visit.  We'll probably do something similar this time if there are people here.  I was induced with DD so they were waiting in the waiting room when she came. 

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  • You get to choose!  We won't have any visitors until several hours after the baby is born.  It's really nice to have some time with just your DH and new baby.
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  • My hospital has a policy called "The Golden Hour" where the first hour after birth is just for baby/parent bonding.  After that the nurses asked me if they should open the flood gates, let people in in small groups, or wait.  We opened the flood gates.

    I've always been in the minority on this topic, but I'm the type that would rather have all the visitors come to the hospital rather than host visitors at my house, so I was happy to show off my new baby in the hospital.  We found bonding time throughout our stay.

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  • We won't be accepting any visitors the day of th birth.  DH and I want things to be as calm as possible to recover, bf, and bond with the baby.


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  • I've told everyone that we will not have visitors for 24 hours after I give birth. In my opinion there is no need for anyone else to be there so soon after, and I really want that time for me and DH to bond with LO and for me to have some time to recover. 
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  • I depends solely on what you want. With DS nobody came to visit until the next day, but all my close friends and family were in different cities/states and had work commitments. My mom was in the room with us during labor but when DS came out she blended into the background and became practically invisble, giving us our time as a brand new family. She waited to come up to us until I specifically asked her "Do you want to hold your grandson?" It was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better first experience.

    This time around we are in a different country than our family and close friends, so it will just be DH, DS and I at the hospital, and my family will fly out to see LO as soon as they can after he/she is born.

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    I'd like some alone time to bond with the baby and attempt nursing.  Also, I'd like my DH to bond with the baby for a bit.  He is not used to being around babies.  It will be hard because I'm sure both sets of grandparents will be impatiently waiting!

    I agree with you I would rather have alone time after birth ...kinda like a calm before the storm!!!!




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