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Audrey is here..born February 6th!

I was scheduled for a RCS at 39w.  The thought after my past few OB visits was that I might only make it to 38w.  But after lots of frequent and severe contractions, low blood pressure and what I thought was just my 37w visit turned out to be DD2's eviction and birthday.  I was contracting and dilated at 2.5. My OB sent us up to L&D and Audrey Brielle was born via RCS at 11:22 am CST!  She measured ahead the whole time and didn't dissapoint. She was 7lbs 13 oz and 19" long!  She is just beautiful, sweet and feisty all at the same time. She has a full head of hair too.  DD1 was almost completely bald so I was quite surprised. We did have some complications with her breathing and low blood sugar levels.   It was emotional for myself and DH because at first they sent her to the nursery for observation. We were told it would only be for about an hour, then 1.5-2h, then longer and longer. Eventually she ended up in the NICU with blood work, chest x-rays, etc and a my pedi and a neonatologist was brought in. I had had her in my arms for only 5m before she was taken away and then she was gone. My DH had to leave me to rush home and show my out of town mom things in our home and to get our 2yo to bed. I was all alone in my room with no new baby and in tears. I got a surprise after 1am in my room, my DD was brought in to me. The neonatologist came in to see me and said she'd improved a lot and could stay with me but closely monitored.  We got almost no sleep that night from all the staff in/out but we made it through. Audrey seems perfectly normal now. Just still watching the blood sugar since it is borderline normal.  We are working on her latch with breastfeeding and supplementing with formula, at least til my milk comes in. 

I haven't posted a whole lot with this pg as it is super hard to have much time other than to read since I'm a SAHM with my 2.5 yo and no family or help around at all. But I'm familiar with many of you and wanted to finally share our birth story.

 Good luck to rest of you waiting on this board and congrats to the Feb newborn mommies who have given birth!

I'll post a few pics as soon as I can!   

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