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38 wks and nothing!?!?

Just got back from my 38 wk appt and they checked me out. I haven't had any change!! No dilation at all:( I am soo demotivated, I know I know the baby will come out when she is ready but my golly I thought I would have had some kind of progress by now!! I was sooo looking forward to this appt and now I'm just on my couch upset!

Thx for the MUCH needed vent!

Re: 38 wks and nothing!?!?

  • I can sympathize with you. I had the same result at mine. I'm supposed to be induced and there wasn't even a conversation about that either.  I cried the whole way home in frustration!
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  • Don't be discouraged, it can mean absolutely nothing. The body is amazing thing and when it is ready it will go full force no matter if you are at 0 or 5. At my 38 weeks I was 3cm, soften cervix, but I wasn't really effaced. I am now 39 weeks and that girl is still sitting in there. People kept saying that last weekend was "my weekend" and yeah nothing happend. So it's just as frustrating having progress and still being pregnant.

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  • It's okay. I had the same thing happen at my appt today (39 w 2 d). But just remind yourself that being dilated or not doesn't mean that labor is (or isn't!) coming. Baby will be here sooner than later, one way or another! :)



  • It really means nothing.  This is why my midwives don't even do checks until 39 weeks.  My doula doesn't even think checks during labor mean much and refuses to do them.  It's really irrelevant information.
  • I just finished my appt too. No change besides the baby is lower... But I told her that before she even checked... She's pressing pretty hard on my pelvis. Other than that, nothing.
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  • Don't worry too much - I've been at 3cm for 2 1/2 weeks and nothing has happened.  Also, one of my friends was told at her 39w check up that she was not dialated at all and that she would definitely have to be induced.  She went into labor 3 days later on her due date :-)
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  • At 38 weeks I was only 1cm and not effaced or anything else... same at 39 weeks. Baby girl came at 39 weeks 5days and when I got to the hospital my contractions were 2 mins apart, I was 100 effaced but still only 1cm dilated. I dilated fairly quickly at the hospital, without any help. Don't worry yet!


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  • Like po said, it also is discouraging to have progress, ad no labor.  With dd, I was 5.5 cm 100% effaced, she was dropped, and I wasn't going into labor.  And then I ended up needing a csection anyways!
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