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My poor dogs

My dogs are so confused Confused They have had the spare bedroom as their room up until yesterday. They eat and sleep in there. Well yesterday they were evicted! As of today it's the nursery. This morning I went to go feed them in the kitchen. They were all looking at me like I was crazy. They'd run to the spare room and then run back like "Mom we eat in here!" Finally after some convincing they started sniffing their bowls but wouldn't eat until I took out a piece and gave it to them. haha. If only they knew how much more things are going to change around here in the next month.
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Re: My poor dogs

  • Aww, the poor dears.  But you're right, they better get used to change!!  I figured our dogs will pretty much become second class citizens and be banished to the back yard once the baby's born. 

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  • I'm lucky I have an office where my beloved 8 yr-old pup is sleeping/eating. But that doesn't stop him from exploring the nursery... Might as well do it now, because that dog gate is coming up soon! 

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  • We don't own a dog but we do have a sensitive cat. He is super sensitive to change (moving things around in rooms/actual moving to a new place/etc). I can say that if we had changed everything all at once he would have had an issue (vomiting! oh fun!). Luckily most of the changes are happening in stages for our pets and us! I'm sure they will adjust accordingly. It's just hard to see it affect them. Your poor pups!
    mc 5/3/2012, gone, but always in our hearts! <3

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  • Aw poor puppies! I know everyone says your dogs become less important to you after the baby's born, but I hope that I still love my Sampson still!

    Luckily my husband has "taken him under his wing" and they've become good buddies! 

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  • We turned our guest room into the baby room and moved a lot of stuff around but our two dogs don't seem to mind. I have also made a point of moving more and more baby things into public areas and allowing them in the baby room so they get the chance to get used to the smells. So far our male dog is the most interested. He tends to drool a lot around babies.
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  • Awe. Hopefully they will adjust well. I have two dogs and the nursery has been the nursery since we moved in in October so they aren't losing a room or anything. They both explore the nursery but I think one of my dogs thinks that the room is made for him. We've caught him sleeping in the glider, curled up in the car seat before we installed it. And most recently I walked in to see him cuddled up in the bouncer. I guess he thinks baby furniture is the perfect size for him and easy to get into. At least it's the 15 lb dog not the 70 lb dog. It is funny and sort of cute but of course I have to yell at him for it or we will have a big issue when baby gets here. Luckily he listens and is well behaved. He's just a big time cuddler and loves finding new soft places to nap. Plus he's blind so he's not entirely sure what he's climbing into or on. Just feels comfy.
  • Our dogs just had a recent change as well however it wasn't related to anything baby. My husband decided that we should move their food bowls to the other side of the kitchen. Our dogs are 9, 5 and 2. The 2 oldest were like WTF??? And the little one well he doesn't really care. It took the older guys a couple of days to remember that they had been moved. The 9 yr old would go and stand by the old spot and just look like OK somethings missing!!


  • We've had the nursery set up with furniture for a few months now but we still let our dog (or our son as we usually refer to him) walk around the room or lay down or take his toys in to play.  I registered for a gate for the first few weeks that baby will be sleeping in there so he can get the idea and we already have our plan of how to introduce him to the LO after the birth.

    On another note - does anyone else feel like their dog(s) knows something is up?  My Kane used to be such a daddy's boy and would completely ignore me when DH wasn't home but the last few weeks he's been super attentive to me.  He'll stay near me/follow me around and constantly sniffs and licks my belly.  I'm hoping I go into labor at home so I can take a (slow) walk with him and DH before going to the hospital.

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