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Strep B

Yesterday I went in for an ob appt, I am 37w2d and they told me I tested positive for Strep B. My doctor did not seem too worried, but I know that they have to start antibiotics at least 4 hours before the baby is born to minimize the risk of infection to the baby. I am terrified that I am going to go into labor and have the baby before the antibiotics can be administered. My dr said since this is my first baby that is not likely, but I am nervous. I am wondering if anyone tested positive for this and what their experience was.

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Re: Strep B

  • I have tested positive too. I was worried at first but not so much anymore. My OB also didn't seem very worried about it. I am sure our babies will be ok. Good luck. Smile


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  • I tested positive back in the beginning of my 2nd tri and was freaked a little at first, but not anymore. The downside is that of course if you are trying to have a natural and want to stay out of the hospital that you cant labor as long at home. Or of course if your water happens to break before you get to the hospital you have to go in to start getting your antibiotics. But I look at it this way. As FTM I'll probably be way to impatient to labor too long at home anyway. I just want to avoid being given any interventions unless I ask for it. Read up about it, all will be fine;)
  • I am also positive.  I am birthing at a birthing center so the only difference is that if my water breaks I have to go in and have the antibiotics administered immediately...then I can go back home and labor.  Otherwise they said they will just give it to me when I get there when my contractions are 4-1-1.  I am a little nervous about it too, but I heard it is really really common and I tested positive back in the first trimester because it was in my urine.
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  • I'm in the same boat, FTM here too.  My doctor didn't seem concerned either.  He said that ideally the antibiotics start 4 hours before baby comes, but if that's not the case, there's only as slim chance of the baby being affected.  I wouldn't worry too much - we have so many other things to worry about at this stage!

  • I was terrified of that too. But my doc said as soon as I go into labor I have to go to the hospital and stay, no laboring at home. But I stay 2 mins away from my hospital.
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  • I tested positive back at 6 weeks(had a pap done) my Dr. said it was such a small amount that it almost didn't show up. I'm still getting the antibiotics just in case. He said if my water breaks to get to the hospital within 2 hrs.


  • Actually, data shows that there is no change in neonatal mortality in groups that were treated with the antibiotics, Hibiclens vaginal wash, or no treatment at all.

    I wouldn't stress about it. In fact, if I had tested positive, I would be declining antibiotics and making sure I had a waterbirth. Statistics are leaning towards water birth being a huge way to reduce transmission of GBS. 

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  • My water broke on Sunday at 7:50 am and my labor went very fast. Contractions were instantly 1 min apart. I went to the hospital at 10 am and found out then that I was GBS positive. I was started on antibiotics around 10:30 and baby was here at 12:23. I didn't have enough time to complete the antibiotics so they ran some extra tests on baby. Everything came back fine and he is one healthy little man.
  • It's nothing to be terrified about.  My MWs (as well as many others from around the world) don't even test or routinely treat it.  It's really not a big deal.
  • Thank you! That made me feel a lot better. I live in NYC and the hospital is only 15 blocks away so as soon as my water breaks, or I have contractions 5 min or less apart I will just go to the hospital. Good luck everyone!
  • I had Strep B with my first child and did normals it in time to the hospital to get antibiotics. The hosital just kept us a bit longer than normal. My LO never had any issues.
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  • This is what happened to me. Labour was not long enough for two doses. It meant we had to stay in the hospital 24 hrs to wait on our LO's blood work to show no development of the bacteria. Once this was good we were on our way. If it had shown anything then she would have been given antibiotics. Try not to worry they'll make sure your LO is taken care of!
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