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"why do you still look pregnant?"

Says my husband today, lol. This is our first together, and he didn't know things didn't "totally deflate." I didn't take it as an insult becaue frankly, with my first, I almost cried when I saw what I looked like the next day...somehow I expected to not have a big belly still. And then of course my 13 year old says the same things when we get home. Well, I guess I have a little time until bikini season, lol. On a less light note, anybody have any older children that are being totally butts about having a sibling? My 13 year old is pissing me off with his attitude toward his brother...at the same time I get it. He's 13, his step dad (my dh) is going to adopt him but we haven't finished the process, and now dh has a new little son. There's a lot of feelings and hormones in play. But it's still annoying for my 13 year old to be such a butt.
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Re: "why do you still look pregnant?"

  • Lol, my husband sorta said the same thing. He kind of side eyed my stomach and said skeptically, "Is that gonna go down?"
    Sorry about your son's attitude :[
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  • This is our first together as well, I still have an inside baby. My DD is 12 and she has been great through the pregnancy. Yet to be determined after DD 2 is out. My DH has a 14 year old DS who is not with us full time just standard visitation. He has seemed a bit standoffish through the pregnancy. I have no idea how he will react when she finally shows up. How was your son's attitude during the pregnancy? Oh and I'm not looking forward to the floppy belly immediately after either....I feel you pain.
  • When my sister gave birth to her first child, her step daughter, who was 12 at the time, had a very similar attitude. I believe her response was "My daddy isn't allowed to have anymore kids." So it was rough at first, but she did come around and now she loves both of those kids. Give him time, it's a big adjustment and you're right, it is A LOT of hormones at that age. Maybe you or your husband could take him out by himself for a little bit, just so he's still getting that one on one time. I hope things get better with him, and congratulations on your new LO!   
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  • My DD1 is 12 and so stoked about being a big sister. She is taking her role very seriously and all week long has been trying to play the sick card to stay home from school with me in case I go into labor. She's very mature for her age and looks to be 16 :(. She is so excited to be a part of the process and we plan to have her in the delivery room as well. I keep warning her that babies are smelly and loud and she'll get tired of her very fast (she yells at the cat when he won't stop meowing), but she wants to be a little mom so bad...
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