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Bloody show, mucous plug...?

I am 38w 2d, and I BELIEVE I have lost my mucous plug in small increments over the last week. My question is, is it normal to have bloody show before or after losing your plug? I have had some brownish-reddish throughout the day today. And if this is pretty much how the schedule works, does anyone know about how long bloody show lasts, or how long before contractions will start? I ould love to hear any stories about experiences with this! This is my first baby, so Im kind of clueless...LOL I know that every person is different and anything could happen any way, but a general timeline would be nice :) I seen my doc today, I am 1cm dilated, she said my cervix has not shifted forward too much yet, but it was completely facing back last Wednesday and I was only a fingertip.........
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Re: Bloody show, mucous plug...?

  • With my first I lost my plug at 11am and had the bloody show for a few hours after that. Contractions started around 6 that night and I delivered the next morning. But I've also heard of moms losing their plug a few weeks before delivery. I would see if you get any cramps tonight or in the morning. If there regular at all call your doc.


  • I was just going to post a similar question!  I definitely lost mine, dark bloody and mucus on my pad throughout the morning.  Tons of cramping all day.  I went in and was monitored for a while after calling the doc, the blood freaked me out, and she said that I was also 1 cm dilated.. 


    That its hard to say, but I could stay like this for days, or I could have contractions and things could progress.  Definitely feeling different.  Constant cramping like I'm gonna start my period.  

    It seems like everyone is different and baby is gonna decide when they want to come regardless.  


    Good luck to you! I am curious to see what happens with you in comparison.


    Ironically I just scheduled my csection due to frank breech for Tuesday..  I live in. The path of the blizzard and. Doc thinks that I'm gonna end up going in hen due to the low pressure!   Haha 

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  • With my second son, I lost my mucous plug on a Wednesday and went into labor Friday night. No bloody show.

    They say that when you lose it doesn't really mean anything, but everyone I know has gone into labor withing a few days of losing their plug. Good luck!



  • I began losing my mucus plug on a Wednesday (I had been 2-3 cm dilated the day before) and continued to lose it through Thursday evening. There was some blood mixed in with the mucus. I went into labor late Friday night and had baby Saturday morning. 
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  • For my second and third babies, once there was blood mixed with the mucus plug I had them within 24 to 36 hours.

    Good luck!
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  • Thanks everybody!! Ive had some pretty intense cramping, but only for the past couple nights between 5am and 10pm, then it stops... ;( Im due 2/19 but im ready for him to come out already!!
    Melissa Lynn
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