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Pre-e/High Blood Pressure

I have mild pre-e and had high bp during my last pg. I'm wondering if there are any other 3/13 moms with pre-e or hbp. I have 2x weekly NSTs and monitor my bp from home daily.

 I'm wondering who else is dealing with a similar situation and whether you're on bedrest and what your Dr. is doing to monitor you and your baby.



Re: Pre-e/High Blood Pressure

  • Me. I'm dealing with high blood pressure right now. I'm on strict bed rest on my left side. I am also to monitor my BP and call if it get over 140/90 while I'm laying down on my left side, get blurry vision, or a headache I can't get Togo away with Tylenol. I have been teetering on the numbers for two days now and we are just buying time till I have to have a csection. I am just hoping to keep him in a little longer.
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  • I've had elevated blood pressure at my last few appointments, though my latest one wasn't as high.  I don't have any other indications of pre-e or high BP though- 24-hr urine collection came back fine a couple of weeks ago, no swelling at all, no headaches, dizziness, etc.

    At this point, they're having me do another 24-hr collection today, they moved me up to weekly appointments early, and I've got a biophysical/growth u/s scheduled for next week.  They may have me do a 24-hr collection weekly until I deliver along with the weekly appointments.  If those labs start to come back looking bad, then weekly NSTs and modified bedrest. 

    Honestly, since I really do feel perfectly fine, I'm hoping I just freaked myself out before earlier appoinments after one day w/ higher BP, and now it's just the fact that DH has been OOT unexpectedly for two weeks and I'm getting tired and stressed from that.  Either way, I'm so glad my practice is being proactive about it. 

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  • I'm due 3/1 and had eclampsia with my previous pregnancy 15 yrs ago. Because of this I see my regular OB and a perinatologist. Early on I went to see each dr every 4 weeks and began monitoring my BPs at home daily. They did lots of blood work and I had to do a 24 hr urine. At every peri appt they did a growth scan and monitored by BP. Every OB appt was pretty routine. They'd check my urine for protein and my BP.


    Now that I'm in the home stretch, I see my OB and peri weekly. Peri appts consist of fetal monitoring and they measure fluid levels along with a growth scan when they feel needed. OB appts are urine samples, BP monitoring and Internals.


    I have been very lucky this time around. Everything has been textbook. My BPs are great. No protein in urine and the baby is growing right on schedule. HOWEVER, if this changes I'll be put on immediate bedrest until they induce.

  • I was briefly admitted to the hospital a couple weeks because of this.  I am now at home on blood pressure meds and monitoring BP and for other symptoms.  I see my dr twice a week.  I will be 37 weeks on Saturday, it sounds like he might want to schedule an induction for next week (have an appointment tomorrow).  During my u/s on Monday baby weighed 7lbs, so he's ready too.  I lost my mucous plug tonight, so I'm get getting excited that this might happen soon.  :)
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  • I am on modified bed rest left side lying twice a day, minimum of two hours each time. I see my OB/CNM twice weekly and have weekly labs/24 hour urine/check on baby and placenta as needed with NST's/doppler in office/ultrasound. I was also told to call with ANY changes I.e. vision, headache that wont go away with Tylenol, etc. Ive been to LD four times now for monitoring since all of this business started. They have been super cautious and proactive, as they should be. So far I'm holding steady with BP's 140 to 150/80 to 100 and plus 1 protein on urine dips. Doing another 24 hr urine as we speak. Hoping I can make it to 37 weeks barring no crazy clinical changes for myself or baby. Hang in there and hope this post is helpful! Pree/PIH sucks!

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  • I have pre-e too.  I am on modified bed rest and weekly NST.  I am also now on blood pressure medication.  I was schedule to induce at 37 weeks but since the medicine that I am on is now working to control my BP my OB is hoping that I can go to 38 or 39 weeks.  I have done a bunch of 24 hour urines but hopfully I don't have to do any more.  My OB also sent me to a kidney doctor to monitor the situation.
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