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Counting baby movements will be the death of me...

So I tell myself not to freak out. I was warned by another new mom that you start to get paranoid when you don't feel the baby move all the time. I pretty much know my LO's cycle. She perks up for food, hot drinks (cocoa mostly) and her most active time is at night. But I read the damn book that said to count her fetal movements within a 2 hour time frame and now i'm freaking out when she goes periods without moving. Today she IS moving but seems kind of lethargic. DH says not to jump the gun that something is wrong but I can't help myself! Pregnancy will be the death of me.

Re: Counting baby movements will be the death of me...

  • Was the book what to expect when you are expecting?

    Unless your doctor tells you to do kick counts, try to not stress about it. If you are worried about baby movement, drink some juice (or cocoa) and lie down. She'll probably get to moving. Babies sleep a lot in the womb, so going two hours without feeling her is normal. 

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  • I know, it's so easy to get worried about kick counts (I've had my fair share of freak outs when everything has been fine), but as far as I have been told, choose to do kick counts when LO is usually most active and see how long it takes to feel 10 movements. I don't think it should take more than an hour to feel 10, but if you don't, the books I've read suggest to drink a little milk or juice to get the baby going and try again, and if you still don't get 10 in an hour then contact your OB. When I am on the verge of getting concerned from not feeling LO for a bit, I have to remind myself that they sleep most of the time in there! Just like us, I think babies have their quieter and more active days. 
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  • Thank you for talking me off the ledge, ladies. You know logically you shouldn't freak out, but it helps to hear it from other pregnant moms.Stick out tongue
  • Newborns sleep around 18 hours a day, so I'd imagine that they sleep at least that much in the womb too.  Plus, they don't get woken up by hunger and being wet/dirty.  Like others have said, do the kick counts when he/she is most active and keep track from day to day as opposed to doing them every 2 hours all day.
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  • I get really paranoid too - you're not alone! I have noticed that LO has days where she is super active and other days where it seems like she sleeps most of the day and night.

    Yesterday I was worried that something was wrong because LO was reaaallly quiet, but he/she perked up in the evening and although I didn't have anything unusual to eat that day, proceeeded to be cracked out for most of the night, lol. He/she even woke me up around two with non-stop stretching and moving. I loved it. :)

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  • FWIW, I feel the same way. After getting a cold and running and fever, I was really concerned this morning when I hadn't felt her in a while. Went to the OB and did a NST and she was going crazy in there-- yet I couldn't feel much of it at all. However, I have two things going against me: anterior placenta and being slightly overweight at the point of my BFP.

    So, what I am trying to say, it is possible LO IS having a party in there and LO just isn't shaking their stuff hard enough for you to feel all the time. BUT-- if you do get really concerned, PLEASE call. That's what we pay them for. 

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  • My LO was super lazy on Monday which was a big change from previous days... I was somewhat freaking out. H reeled me in, I used the doppler and heartrate was good. Then yesterday and today LO is back to partying half the day.

    I'm making a point to just chill out about it, apparently they need days off too ;)

  • Just an update: She was kicking up a storm on the train this morning and doing a little breakdance at around 4 a.m. Soooo... I guess yesterday was just her off day. If I didn't feel anything by this morning, I planned to call the doc but thankfully no worries.
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