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I love my maternity ward!!

Oh my word! I went to tour the L&D ward last night (I know, cutting it close), but seriously I want to live there.  The delivery rooms are huge with a curtained-off area for family to be in the room, but not able to see everything. The hospital has the lowest c-section rate of all the hospitals in my area.  They do skin-to-skin immediately.  The baby never has to leave the room unless there is a complication, not even for bathing, medicine, anything!  Then we go to one of the private rooms in the mother-baby ward.  They encourage the baby to stay in the room with you at all times.  All the rooms are private and large. They provide a complementary "celebration meal" complete with sparkling grape juice.  There is a pull-out couch for hubby to sleep on, a fridge in the room, basically all the perks of being at home, but with nurses helping with everything. They have a professional photographer to take pictures of the newborn (really cute ones, btw. We saw samples!).  Basically I am really excited about it.  It helped calm my nerves being able to talk to the head nurse about everything.  I go for my regular weekly check up today, so all my other questions my Dr will answer.  This is really starting to sink in that it's all about to happen!

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Re: I love my maternity ward!!

  • This sounds identical to my hospital. It's very comforting to have toured the ward for sure. I'm glad you've found some peace from it :)

    I am 27, DH is 34. We have been married since January 17,2009. FIANLLY pg with #1.TTC since May 2007 I have a unicornuate uterus, and YES that means I pee glitter ;)
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  • Wow I am jealous!!  Our hospital only has 1 private room for post-baby recovery, and its first come-first serve.  So since I will be sharing a room with someone, DH has to go home at night

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  • Our hospital just opened a new maternity center on the 28th. They have 31 L&D spa like suites with walk in showers and garden tubs. Full size couches for DH/SO, and flat screen TVs. Then the post partum rooms are private and they have a fully stocked kitchen on the floor for the families.
  • The hospital where I am delivering is the exact same!  We have room service and full-size private rooms with flat screens.  I am so happy that I won't have to share a room with a stranger during or after giving birth!
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  • I'm so jealous. The hospital I will be going to has only a limited number of private rooms, on a first come-first served basis. More than likely DH will have to go home after the baby is born, which I'm not thrilled about. The hospital does encourage rooming in, but with more than one mother & baby per room, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    We haven't even done a maternity ward tour, because I have no choice on where I'll deliver. I feel like seeing all the stuff that our hospital doesn't have (birthing tubs, an abundance of private rooms, etc.) will just make me more stressed.

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