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Pre labor hormones?

I feel like my period is going to start. And I'm not just talking cramps, which I do have in my back, but not my front. I've got acne out of nowhere and yesterday I was got mad at poor DH about everything. In my former life as a nonpregnant lady, those two things, especially the irritability, never failed to be worst the day before my period started. Think I might be lucky enough to have my hormones heralding impending labor? I hope! I'm kind of wondering about this back pain though. It never really goes away, but it does get stronger and weaker, but isn't really timable. Fingers crossed I won't be waiting to long!!
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Re: Pre labor hormones?

  • I broke out too! I can't even tell you the last time I had a zit this big on my chin!

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  • I am a crazy person. Forget PMS, It's almost like I'm training DH to have a crying baby on his hands, because it's like that's all I do. I'm irrational, emotional, and just overall a basket case. 

    I feel so bad for him, but he's really stepped up. He takes control of the situation well, feeding me or just hugging me depending on what I need. I'm pretty sure he'll be an awesome dad. 

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