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Wild child during changings?

Does anyone else have a kid that is CRAZY during diaper changes and when you change their clothes?

Not sure what the heck happened but DD is crazy, flailing, standing up, flipping over and sticking her butt in the air, holding her hands over her head to prevent shirts from going on ect.
It is exhausting...
Any ideas?
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Re: Wild child during changings?

  • OMG YES!  She's like a little wild animal!  She's been like that for a few months.  And, um, she's freakishly strong.  It's almost scary.  

    Downstairs, I generally change her on the floor.  But if she is acting up and DH isn't around to help hold her down, I've been sucking it up and taking her upstairs to change her on her dresser.  I can get more leverage if I'm not crawling around on the floor with my ever-growing belly.  And we have a projector on her sound machine, so I put that on, and that sometimes entertains her.  Or I try to give her something that she's normally not allowed to play with, like my phone or my Nook.

    I'm at a loss with dressing her.  Sometimes she is fine.  Sometimes it takes me ten minutes of actually running behind her while wrestling her into an outfit as she's moving.  Ugh.  

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  • Yes! I have to hand her my cell phone. That is the only thing that will keep her put.

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  • She was wild and now she seems to accept it. I dreaded changes then.
  • The only thing that will keep Xander still is looking at a book.
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  • Good to know others go through the same during changing! My phone and books have gotten old for her on the changing table, I'll have to find something new and exciting.
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  • Something about taking a bath and then being put on our bed to dress for bedtime = crazy boys!!  H & O both go nuts after we take them out of the bath, dry them, and then place them on our bed for jammies.  It's so funny, but a little frustrating when you're trying to wind them DOWN for bedtime.

    As for diaper changes, it's ALWAYS a struggle.

    A post I read on 12-24 months suggested keeping a sheet of stickers at the changing station (where ever that may be), and putting a sticker on the back of each of their hands before you start a diaper change.  It's supposed to be really distracting, and fun for them as well. 

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  • some days its such a struggle! books and phones are no good anymore. some days the strap that is on the changing pad can entertain her (she buckles it). some days the armpit thermometer works. i try asking her to "help" by holding the diaper. when all else fails and DD1 or DH are home, i will call for one of them to distract her.
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  • Yes there are times he just wants to do his own thing. I hand him one of our phones with his app on, hand him a book or a toy.
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  • I like the sticker idea! I will have to try that!
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  • Yeah, I only do standing up diaper changes and clothes changes now because she won't let me change her lying down. But I tried it with a poopy diaper once and I will never do that again! Yesterday I gave her the tv remote because she's never allowed to have it, so it worked for about 30 seconds. Sheesh.... I love the sticker idea and will definitely try it.
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  • I'm loving the sticker idea.  Definitely going to give that a try. 
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  • Is it bad that after the 56th time I got kicked in the face and/or throat during a diaper change, I started just holding him down and moving as fast as possible?  No sort of distraction works even a little.  Although he will pause if I make up a song about his pee or poop while I change him.

    I find it easier to use the actual changing table now.  If I'm on the floor he flips and runs.

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  • Oh yes!

    DD HATES having her diaper changed. She cries most of the time. It sucks.

    As for getting her dressed, I can usually try and turn it into a game - but she's still not a fan.

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    Farewell, nesticle, you will be missed
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