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Any one else all stuffed up/congested?  I was fine up until about 3.5 weeks ago when I came down with the flu.  Since then, Ive been stuffed up off and on (not nearly as bad as I was when I first got sick) and feel like everything is draining into one side of my chest and I can't cough it out.  Any thoughts on whether the  baby pressing against my lung (baby hangs out on congested side) could be causing this?  (I also have asthma, so Im sure that's not helping either.)  Its SO annoying!!!  Thanks (and I hope no one else is sick!)!
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Re: Congested

  • I started feeling like I am getting a head cold as of yesterday. I can't breath out of my right nostral. I have a headache behind my eyes an my ear hurts. Need to get over this fast! I don't want to be sick when baby gets here. Going to the store to load up on OJ!
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  • I've been congested for the last 2, 1/2 months. I got a vaporizer and it has actually helped in the 2 nights I've used it. DH has asthma and his nightly coughing fits haven't been nearly as bad. Just a thought!
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  • ISudafed and my humidifier have been lifesavers for me. I had horrible nasal and sinus congestion from week 10 until about week 30 (FUN TIMES!). Check with your OB to make sure that Sudafed is okay (I took it as sparingly as possible).

    Also, people recommended a netti pot to me (google it or look on Amazon). I bought one, but by the time I got it I didn't really need it anymore.  

    I feel your pain! 

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  • I've felt like this for so long! I swear all pregnancy I feel like I've had to blow my nose so much more, and there's much more sinus drainage...ick. 

    And mostly in the 3rd tri is when I've been feeling sinus pressure, which makes me feel like I can't breathe half the time, especially after I eat or when I'm trying to sleep. 

  • I've been congested/sick for over a week! I can't seem to cough it up either and I end up in a coughing fit....it sucks. 


  • I had the flu around Christmas and was really sick for just over 4 weeks...the last few weeks were bad coughing/chest congestion mostly. I ended up going to the dr. when I was sick for 3 weeks and got a z-pack of antiobiotics, because I wasn't seeing any improvement otherwise. I was cleared up, but then I still get nasal congestion pretty often now...I think it is due to pregnancy though.
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