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birthday gifts

What did you/will you get LO for their birthday?

Emily got EVERY toy possible for Christmas, I cant even find a toy at the stores that she doesnt have or have something similar. I might be ordering something off toys r us or somewhere that isnt local, but I better do it quick. I need ideas.



Re: birthday gifts

  • I got this:

    http://www.littletikes.com/kids-toys/princess-cozy-truck (Sorry don't know how to make clicky).

    I got it on sale at ToysRUs, plus had coupons.  Julia didn't get any outdoor toys, and with spring coming up I wanted her to have some.  Plus, we have no more room inside! 

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  • We got her some stacking rings ... It was the one toy I really wanted for her at Xmas but didn't get. Besides that, a new outfit or two. Nothing fancy.
  • I got him a step stool with his name in a puzzle on top. I'd like to get this for our future kids as well as a "stepping stone" , pun intended, from baby to toddlerhood.
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  • I got Mabrey this http://www.littletikes.com/kids-toys/hide-slide-climber off Craigslist...$65 and it's in perfect condition (only used inside).  I knew I wanted to get an outdoor climber for the summer.  I also got her a bathing suit, a set of puzzles and a couple books.  My mom got her a Rockabye rocker from Zulily.  My best friends chipped in together and got her a PBK anywhere chair. 

    I tried to spread the word to our other family coming to her party that she needs clothes or outside summer toys.  I know that's horrible to some people, but we really have so many toys for inside from Christmas, she just doesn't need anymore.  And it's family, so I don't feel as bad telling them what to get haha.

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  • Ditto to PP who are looking into spring/summer toys. We don't have a ton of room for a lot more toys, especially big ones, so if anyone asks, I suggest summer/outdoor toys. I know we will still end up with indoor toys as well, but hopefully a few people will take the hint!

    We got DD a Step 2 Ride on toy that I can push her in. My Grandpa got us a wagon, which I am so excited about. My parents are getting her a table and chair set with an umbrella that will go out on our deck. I am not sure what the IL's will get her, but I sent MIL a wish list (at her request) that had a little slide on it and a sand & water table. The only indoor item I am hoping she gets is the Minnie Mouse anywhere chair that I put on the wish list. We will see!

    You could also ask for sand and water toys for the beach, next size up clothing (for spring or summer), and can never go wrong with puzzles and books. Or look into toys for ages 2+ and just stash them away until LO is a little bit older.


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  • I got her a swing to attach to the tree outside.  She loves being outside and I took her to the park Friday and she loved the swings.  Which if funny because she hated the swing as a little baby.
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  • I got Ian a Cozy Coupe.  I had wanted it for Christmas but that didn't happen, so I just got it for him for his birthday.  That's all he's getting from me...which is plenty.  He doesn't "need" anything else.  Other people keep asking what they can get him...I know it's not "fun" but I've been telling people diapers!  We will probably be in diapers for at least another year, so I can definitely use them.

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  • We got DD a bean bag from Amazon and a ride-on toy from Toys R Us.

    Some of her favorite gifts were a princess tent, Little People house, VTech Catch-Me-Kitty, and ladybug pillow pet.

    Hope this helps!

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