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Maternity Fashion Tip!

I have taken to wearing DH's sweaters to work. (My regular mat. clothes just aren't cutting the mustard anymore!) They are a bit baggy and super comfy, and paired with normal trousers and a fun scarf and some earrings, I actually feel cute and relaxed at the same time. I'm thinking of just raiding his closet until LO is born. Anyone else try this? 


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Re: Maternity Fashion Tip!

  • I've considered it, but DH is skinnier than I was before I got pregnant.  The only thing from his closet I can still (sort of) wear, are his sweatshirts, and then only if they aren't zipped.  Sad

    But the only thing I'm not comfortable in any more are my jeans.  I still wear them when I go out in public, but as soon as I come home, I change into my super baggy stretchy pants-- they aren't maternity, just "fat" yoga pants that I got for a buck at Goodwill!  LO is so low any more that they are the only pants that don't feel like they are cutting me in half.

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  • I was doing this around week 32, but they no longer fit me. They were so comfortable at the time!
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  • I can't do this.  DH is 8" taller than me, all his shirts fit me like dresses!  His t-shirts work great as nightshirts though!!

  • I've been wearing DH's hoodies since I got too big to wear my own. 
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  • I wear my husband's ski coat when I need a casual coat (e.g., walking the dog) but haven't tried his actual clothes!  He's about 10" taller than me, and I used to swim in anything of his - now it's just comfy ;)



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  • Good idea! You could even use a belt if it was too baggy or to give it more shape. Great thinking :) I've been wearing his sweatshirts and tshirt s to the gym, just might have to take it a step further :)



  • My most favorite sweats don't feel comfy anymore so I have been wearing DH's pajama bottoms and sweats. I just noticed last night that he has been hiding them from me. WTF man ... he knows I don't fit into ANYTHING. And then he offers me the "ehh" pajama pants that neither of us like to wear. 

     I'll find his stash soon ... 

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