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Roller Coaster of a Day

So I had an appt for a check up this morning with my OB.  The first thing they did was an NST and LO was not cooperating at all.  It took the nurse forever to find him and usually they find him pretty quickly.  She had me turn on each side and still nothing.  She had me drink ice cold water and still not much movement.  She then switched me to another room and hooked me up to a different machine and I could hear his movements but not as strong as I have in the past.  So my OB comes in and we start going over my NST results.  He says its not as strong as he'd like.  I also have GD, am on insulin and I've also been having this itchiness which I forget the name of the condition that he said he wanted to rule out, but that also concerned my OB.  With all of that, he decided it might be best to do a C section today.  He sent me over to the hopsital for another NST/BPP and he said if LO started more movement, I could possibly be sent home but it was doubtful.  He said LO was down but not far down enough for a vaginal delivery.  DH was with me and he was holding some papers and all I could see were the papers shaking in his hands out of nervousness.  So they sent us over to the hopsital and I had an NST as well as an u/s.  The wouldnt let me eat or drink because of the possible C section but I told DH to go get something to eat.  The funny part was when he got back they were doing the u/s so they told him to wait in the hall for a few min.  Then they came and got him and said "oh do you want to see the baby now"  And all I heard DH say was Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?  He thought they meant see the baby now as in he was here lol.  Anyway they also tested my blood sugar which was low since it was way past time for me to eat lunch, so the nurse called my OB to make sure he was gonna deliver and if not she was going to have me eat to bring my blood sugar back up.  Once he looked at my NST/BPP he said it looked better so she had me eat a sandwich and I was sent home.  He told me that he'd probably deliver Thurs or Fri and he'd let us know.  I've since got a call from his office that he's going to deliver early Thurs morning so it looks like Christian Parker will be making his debut on Thurs.  So crazy to think LO will be here in 2 days!

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