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38 wk appt? should have stayed in bed!!!!

What a huge disappointment I had today. I was told by my OB that I would be having a conversation about induction at my 38 week appt. (due to GD). I was also told he would be doing a cervical check at week 38 as well. Well, TODAY I am 38 weeks and had an appt. None of this occurred. I did question him on it and was then told I'M NOT 38 WEEKS!!! WTF!!! Since when did this happen?? Last week was my 37??? Did I suddenly go back in time???? How is it possible that I lost an entire week? I can't seem to figure out the math. He then went on to explain to me that this new EDD is based on my u/s at 10wks. I told him I'm basing my EDD on the first day of my last menstrual cycle, and that's what he was basing it on for the entire pregnancy till now. He said that's not how it's done. Maybe someone can explain to my why this is? He couldn't. So needless to say, I have another week to find out if I've had any progress with LO. I guess on the good side of the appt, when he was measuring height, he couldn't find her head, just her shoulders. Maybe she'll just fall out since she's so low.
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Re: 38 wk appt? should have stayed in bed!!!!

  • So... he just now decided to change your due date and just now decided to let you know? WTF is wrong with this guy? lol

    ETA: Also, why not discuss induction a week early? Ugh. No sense. No sense at all. 

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  • That seems really weird...why didn't they change the due date at 10 weeks then!
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  • oh hunny dont even get me started on doctors and freaking changing around your due date without your consent or even informing you. I've had a total of 6 different due dates throughout my pregnancy the most frustrating of which was when I went in for my 37 week appt and the midwife informed me that not only had the parinatologist decided I wasn't allowed to go past 40 and 3, even though they had told me since baby was measuring perfect they'd let me go to 41, but that my due date was also 2 days earlier than I had been told at every ultrasound I had ever been in. and i was like WTF? since when? and she looked in my chart and read off some doctor i've never even met or heard of before who apparently got to say my due date was the 13th and she was too scared to go against them. now, none of this would matter if I wasn't trying to get into the birthing center at my hospital, because the minute I go past that 40 and 3 I can no longer go to the birthing center.

    luckily I was able to see a different midwife at my next appointment and she was actually willing to listen to ME and MY logic, and since I have VERY early ultrasounds and fertility treatment records(not to mention a definite "I did NOt conceive before this date because my husband was deployed date")  that point to a much later due date, she said she's willing to go all the way back to the 19th, giving me till the 21st like I originally expected!  So all is well and hopefully I just go into spontaneous labor and none of this will matter, but still it was so frustrating to feel like they were rushing me and I didn't even agree with them.


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  • It's called a God complex. What the Dr says is gospel and there is no need to consult us little people. Thankfully, there is only one OB at my clinic like that but he drives me crazy. He sweeps in like he's got far more important thibgs to do um I'm the patient...I'm why he has a job does his things, laughs at my worries and tells me what I'm feeling is RLP when I KNOW it's not, then sweeps out before I can get my thoughts together to object. The other OBs and the MW are wonderful, so needless to say I never schedule my apts with the Dr I don't like.
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  • I am sorry! My doctor thinks I am one day ahead of my EDD which is so weird because she is going off my LMP. I don't really care, what is a day, but there is not wheel or due date calculator I have tried that puts me one day ahead. I would be super bothered by what your doctor did ((hugs))
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  • that's really annoying, I'm sorry :(


    I've had some oddities with due date, too, but it hasn't been a big deal.  Based on LMP my EDD should be Feb. 8 according to everything online, but apparently the wheel puts me at Feb. 9.  Then, at my first US at ~7 weeks baby was measuring behind, so they put me at Feb. 12.  I told everyone I was due Feb. 12.  Then when I asked the dr about it she said they don't change the due date unless it's a week or more off from the wheel.  

    Now I would be upset if they went back to the 12th - I'm ready!




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  • My LMP had me at 37 weeks at my appointment on Monday.  My first ultra-sound had me at 37 weeks and 3 days at that appointment.  BUT, my OB only had me at 36 weeks and 4 days.  I'm not sure when this happened.  He said my due date has always been the 28th (but that is definitely not true).  Anyway, because I'm a type 1 diabetic, he said that they will induce sometime between 38 and 39 weeks (so between the 14th and 21st according to him).  I'm actually glad that they have my due date wrong, because my induction will be sometime in my 39th week (probably the 20th, so only 5 days before my real due date).


    Anyway, who knows how these doctors come up with dates.  As long as they aren't weeks off, I don't worry about it.

  • I'm lurking from the May2012 board, but I did want to say that you need to be proactive about your care. (Not that you aren't.)

    During one of my appts my MW brought up my due date saying it was the 17th. I knew for sure it was the 9th so I mentioned it to her. She said that the paperwork sent from my dating ultrasound showed the 17th, but with the notes it said I was due on the 7th. (It stated that I was measuring 2 days ahead of my LMP which was the 9th) Apparently someone had entered the date wrong and if I hadn't said anything she probably would have never noticed.

    She ended up sending for new paperwork with a corrected date.

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  • hahah the falling out part cracked me up. 
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