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+++++Tuesday Ticker Change+++++

Another week down...We're getting closer!


How are you feeling?:

Any news/updates?:

GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you?

Re: +++++Tuesday Ticker Change+++++

  • Week/Fruit: 35

    How are you feeling?: still feeling great, just can't really bend over haha.  And walking up stairs has become quite difficult...

    Any news/updates?: check up tomorrow, but nothing new here

    GTKY: just my husband and my doula.  My hospital has a 2 person limit.
  • Week/Fruit:


    How are you feeling?:

    Uncomfortable but ok.

    Any news/updates?:

    I'm 1-2cm, 100% effaced and 0 station. Next appointment on Friday. Baby is in the 39th percentile.

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you?

    SO will be in the surgery room with me.

  • week/fruit:  36 weeks

    feeling:  pretty tired.  had some morning sickness today, and hoping that doesnt become the norm again.

    news/updates: had slightly elevated bp this morning, the nurse was concerned but my doctor wasn't.  wish they were on the same page somedays.  Also on maternity leave now, so its nice sleeping in and having less stress.

    GTKY:  Only DH will be in the hospital with me.  We also aren't phoning anyone until the baby is born to avoid my ILs from coming to the hospital during delivery. 

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  • Week/Fruit: 36 weeks

    How are you feeling?: not to bad, can't stop cleaning and I hate cleaning.  Ready to meet this kid.

    Any news/updates?:  Lost my job this past thursday, growth scan tomorrow decides if we have him at 38 weeks instead of 39, continue the 2 NSTs a week

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you?  C-section so just my DH

    Heartbroken to find out the hospital won't lift their visitation restrictions and my 2 yr old won't be allowed in the building.  I can't stand the thought of going several days separated from him and I don't want him to be scared.  He's supposed to be the first one to meet his brother and I cry every time I think of him having to wait.


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  • Week/Fruit: 34 - Butternut Squash

    How are you feeling?: Chaffing - which is making me waddle slightly. I think she's dropping a bit

    Any news/updates?: Just arranged for a woman to come in a few weeks and install our bases in the cars at our house on a Saturday

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just DH :)
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  • Week/Fruit: 33, honeydew

    How are you feeling?: pretty good, emotionally much better

    Any news/updates?: had a high risk consult yesterday. My 30wk sono had my OB concerned about potential Down Syndrome. We found out yesterday baby does not, and looks perfectly healthy.

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you? DH. I'd like my mom to be there, she was there for DS#1, but we may need her to take care of DS so it will be a decision made that day.


  • image Sparkles01:

    Another week down...We're getting closer!

    Week/Fruit: Week 33 fruit: have no clue tbh.

    How are you feeling?: Miserable! I'm ready for march 26th.

    Any news/updates?: No news/updates.

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you? My DH and possibly my SIL since she was there the first time and calms me.
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  • Week/Fruit: 35 / Coconut

    How are you feeling?: Tired and antsy.

    Any news/updates?: Not yet. Shower is this weekend so looking forward to that.

    GTKY: Who will be in the delivery room with you? DH for sure. Maybe MIL if LO comes on time or a few days late. Other than that, not sure.
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