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Returning to work

I return to work tomorrow as DH and I could not afford for me to take the full 12 weeks off. We have a great sitter but I am still very emotional about tomorrow and concerned how she will do, especially since I have been exclusively BF. The thought of being a SAHM never appealed to me until about two weeks ago. For those that are SAHMs I am very envious of please enjoy it for me.

Are there any other moms returning to work or that already returned that can give advice on how you made it through the first couple days and when it became "normal" and less emotional to have to leave your LO?


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Re: Returning to work

  • I haven't returned to work yet.  But, I wanted to wish you luck and know that your LO is in the best hands.  Sending you strength tomorrow.
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  • I went back to work today.

    I cried the whole way driving to DS's daycare and all the way to work.

    I called them around noon to see how he was doing.

    I have no real pointers to help. I do know it'll get easier as time passes.
  • I go back in 3 weeks. With DD1, I went back at 9 weeks pp. i found the anticipation was worse than actually going back. We fell into a good routine quickly, and I didn't even mind the late night feedings because it was nice to reconnect and snuggle with her after being gone all day. Just be super organized so you can do nothing but snuggle her after work that first week while you both adjust.
  • I go back for 1 day on Friday and then 2 days next week. Good luck!
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  • My LO was a late Dec girl, so I haven't gotten there yet... But wanted to say good luck. I'm sure that I'll be crying that first day back.



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  • When I returned to work after ds, I was very nervous, especially since he was a preemie, very small, and a terrible eater. I was so scared he wouldn't eat at all. The first center we tried turned out to be terrible : ( I was so sad while he was there and truly contemplated not working, which is not realistic for us financially at all. Plus, I have an amazing job that I love. But it wasn't worth it seeing ds somewhere that didn't feel good to me. Within a week we pulled him out and scrambled to find other options. We ended up finding an incredible, loving home daycare where he is at now and where dd will go in a few months. Once I knew he was in a good place and being properly cared for, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to enjoy working again. I honestly love my job, and I know I'm better off there than being a SAHM. And ds LOVES daycare! I've seen kids go when they were older and it was so rough for them to transition then. Because ds was younger, it wasn't an issue and he just loves playing with the other kids. He knows all their names and asks for them : ) So, I guess my point is that after a few days, you will have the reassurance that your LO is with a good care provider and you will be much more at ease. It will be hard at first, but you will transition faster than you think. Little things like going to the bathroom when you want and eating lunch when you want will feel like little vacations, lol.
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  • I have to say good luck! I go back the end of the month. I am going to do a trial run for a few hours with our sitter soon though. I want her to get a feel for LO and it'll make the time back easier. I am going back on a Thursday so it's only 2 days until the weekend.... hope that helps me stay sane!



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