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Food Free for All?

Anyone else viewing their final days of pregnancy as a last chance for treats? I was going to try to get back into better eating habits, (not indulging so often) but at this point I figure what's a donut? :P I tried one of those brownie batter donuts from DD that someone mentioned the other day...I highly recommend!


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Re: Food Free for All?

  • I have been so careful this time around, but this week... not so much! I made a pan of brownies yesterday, and they're almost gone! Surprise Tonight DH decided that we're making Waffle Sundays for dinner...
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  • I'm right there with you.  I realize after next week I'll be in losing weight mode so I'm going a little bonkers eating everything in sight.  I ate 6 pieces of pizza the other night.  Yesterday I had an entire bag of frozen fries, a box of chicken nuggets and half a pint of ice cream.  To hell with it!!!
  • Me!! I have been so good with eating and working out this entire pregnancy and I finally feeling like letting lose a little. I plan on starting my routine again right after baby boy but the last couple days have felt so good to just relax! 
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  • Not quite a free for all, but I'm giving into stuff much more than I have the last several months. And I'm planning several somewhat indulgent meals. I haven't really gained any weight in the last 4 weeks so I figure why not? Haha.
  • I bought my first bag of chips in about four years, and it only lasted a few days. Also, my first lesson in the trouble of salt consumption while pregnant. Finally had to take the wedding ring off. 
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  • I finally gave into my 8+ month-long donut craving last week. I had half a dozen in 2 days =O

    My problem is that my hunger is insatiable. I go from being hungry, to feeling bloated, to having heartburn, to sometimes nauseous, then repeat. I can't stop eating. And food is expensive!!! D:

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  • I wish! I had been a little naughty about my eating habits, but then I found out LO is measuring on the larger size. :( Back to being super healthy for me!
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  • totally.but I have been so strict with what i ate before I got pregnant, I used the fact I quit smoking and had to grow a healthy baby as an excuse to eat whenever I wanted...I also have been using the excuse (to convince no one but myself) that if I eat what my LO needs everyday to grow, I can treat myself with something that will just fatten her up a little..like a whoopie pie...or a peanut butter and fluff sandwich...or ice cream...It used to be potato chips(humpty dumpty BBQ,most people will have never heard of them because its a Canadian owned company) but they make me swell up so bad my shoes dont fit the next day..had to put away my wedding ring a week ago and am feeling naked since :(
  • YES!! ME!!! I met with a friend at a frenchy cafe/bakery today and after breakfast (which included a savory crepe, shared eclair, and 2 shared macarons) I bought DH 6 macarons and a slice of cheesecake for myself.

    I turned and looked and saw some old man enjoying his coffee, staring in my general direction, and I said "Don't judge me!" as I held my belly. He laughed and said "don't worry, I saw nothing." Great laugh we had and I still felt like a boat as I sailed out of the store. 


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  • I know its girl scout cookie time or just about and i'd love to find a box or 2 of girl scout cookies while i'm still pregnant! lol

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