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How many did you have?

So last night we had false alarm number one. Let me tell you yhe mid wife was kind of a ***. The nurse was great. First words from the mid wife was oh your not in labor before we were even on a monitor Nine more days till our due date.

So my questions is how times did you go in and get sent home?
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Re: How many did you have?

  • We went in and they sent us back home because the contractions weren't strong enough.  Since we're a scheduled c-section I was peeved that they didn't just go for it lol   We kept calling the dr on call as they told us too and they kept moving the finish line on us.  "Call back when they're 5 minutes apart and painful"  "Call back when they're 3 minutes apart and painful"  "Call back when they're 3 minutes apart and you can't talk through them"  That was about the point I looked at ColtsDad and told him that I was delivering our son in the living room before I was calling them back.  I was in pain and MAD.  Went to bed, woke up and my water broke in a huge gush, called the Dr with a big "hahaha you can't turn me away now" grin and we went in and had our c-section. 

     This go around I'm not calling unless my water breaks LOL   I'm hoping we'll just go in for our scheduled c-section and not have to mess with labor this time.  Labor sucks LOL


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  • No false alarms, and then my wife went 6 days over, so she was induced.
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  • Zero for us.

    Our OB said not to even come in until contractions were less than 5 minutes apart and lasted for 60 seconds....and this having lasted for at least an hour. So when my wife's water broke she wiped everything up, did some laundry, changed clothes and I came home from work and we watched Despicable Me. 5 hours into the day we reached that mark and went in, my son came 19 hours later.

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