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My doctor is the best

Yesterday I had been having consistent contractions about 8 minutes apart that had progressed to 6 minutes apart so I went into the hospital thinking this is it. I was already 4.5cm dilated before going in so I was convinced I had progressed atleast a little bit but no such luck. After 3 hours of contractions and monitoring I had only dilated to a comfortable 5 according to the nurse. The nurses on staff were telling me they were going to give me pitocin if I didn't make anymore progress in another hour. I was really against that idea and mentioned to my doctor at previous appointments that as long as LO is doing ok I want to be allowed to labor at my own pace without interventions and I wanted to avoid pitocin if I could.

My doctor was onboard with it and when the nurses called to get the ok my DR told them to wait atleast a few more hours and allow me my space. The nurses were definitely not happy about being told no but I'm so glad my OB stood up for me.

So here I lay being monitored waiting for contractions to get more intense and to finish dilating. Send some labor dust my way ladies.



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