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13 Month Old Tantrums

Terrible 13 Months? Ugh. My little one pitches an absolute fit when he doesn't get exactly what he wants when he wants. We have tried redirecting and have moved on to simply ignoring (easier said then done though) and walking away from him or turning our backs to him when appropriate. I have also tried speaking quietly to him and telling him that his behavior is not acceptable (which of course he is tool little to understand but it makes me feel better).We wait until the temper tantrum passes before acknowleding what he wants. Isn't he too young for this? Phase or indefinite????? Any suggestions? TIA!

Re: 13 Month Old Tantrums

  • I'm going through the same thing! I just stick to my guns and redirect him and explain why he can't do or have said thing. If he's still up set I take him to a different area to talk to him and offer him a snack. This is of course after making sure he's not on pain or needs a diaper change. My 12 month olds fits are very often hunger related. He'll push away good 30 minutes before hand and then suddenly stuff his face like I haven't offered him food in decades. Also when they express frustration this way it's the only way the know how to communicate. Their prefrontal cortex is still smaller than a developed brain's would be. For that reason they may even lash out in a physical manor with biting kicking or hotting. Never hot back in those situations because what is that teaching? That I can hit and you cant? That doesn't make since I tell you! ; give a supportive hug, let him know you understand and let him get his frustration out.
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  • We are also going through this right now and it can get really frustrating.  Mine screams, throws herself on the floor and hits.  I'm so afraid she's going to hurt herself.  She's not completely standing on her own, so if she gets mad while she's holding onto a table or what have you, I move her first before I tell her "no" so that if she does throw herself down, she will at least have a soft place to land and not get hurt.  I just try to remember she is learning to express her emotions and doesn't know what to do with it all right now.  My DS didn't throw tantrums like that when he was her age so I'm in for a new experience.  She is definitely a strong willed little girl.

    My best friend's 18 month old hurt herself (very minor) one too many times throwing a full on tantrum, that now she stops and looks around, then gently lays herself on the floor and then proceeds to kick and scream if she's not getting what she wants.Confused

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