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Her Lease Expires Today...

...but it doesn't look like she's ready to vacate the premises yet. We've decided to give her a grace period, lol. Big Smile
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Re: Her Lease Expires Today...

  • That is very kind of you :-P hopefully she leaves on her own, and soon! 
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  • You could always start charging her more in rent...

    I keep telling my baby that it must be getting awfully cramped in there, don't you want to come out and have plenty of room to stretch, kick and roll around? :)

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  • I can just picture our LO ones being so warm and cozy in there....they have it made and don't wanna come out and see the world!! Lol.




  • I really don't blame her though, lol. She's getting enough square meals that she doesn't have to work for and the temperature in there is so well regulated. I wouldn't want to leave either, lol. Big Smile
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  • Same here! My cat is acting extremely needy today though, I'm hoping she senses something that i dont lol
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  • Heh. Another lease expiring today, too. The landlord is going to talk to property management about eviction options at an appointment this afternoon.

  • I gave mine his two weeks notice and said if he wants to leave sooner he's more than welcome! He's been teasing and it's driving me nuts!
  • Some times tenants just dotn listen when lease are given.  I hope she vacates soon.
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