Anyone on blood pressure meds?

If so, what are you on?  My PCP and OB have differing opinions on the safeness of the meds I'm on (acebutolol) while breastfeeding.  When I talked to the pharmacist, he highly recommended against taking the med while breastfeeding.

Just curious if anyone is on blood pressure meds, what they're taking - so I have a few options to discuss with my PCP.  I'm thinking I will need to change ASAP as I'm schedule for a c/s in a week and a half.

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Re: Anyone on blood pressure meds?

  • I had to be on labetalol after I had each of my daughters. You can go to and call their hotline to speak to someone about what med is safest. Infant Risk is run by Dr. Hale. He wrote the book dr's use to look up the safety of meds for pregnancy and bf'ing. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • I was on labetalol with my first pregnancy and continued on it until 6w pp.
    Luckily didn't need anything with my second.

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  • i'm on methyldopa which is generic for aldomet. my OB had changed me to that when i was pregnant and i just stayed on it.

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  • I was on Labetalol and then got switched to Procardia.  I took it for about 6 weeks PP and then weaned off of it when my BP regulated.

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  • I had post partum pre e and was on labetalol and noravask (sp?) for about 7 weeks pp.

  • Acebutolol is rated L3 for safety by Dr. Hale.

    That means it's moderately safe, (scale of 1-5), and need for mom may outweigh any possible risk to infant. 

    there is some concern that it may give a relativey high dose in breastmilk, but it is only absorbed orally at 35-50%, so what baby would absorb from that high dose would be lowered. I would at least be cautious and see if there is another similar drug that is rated lower on dr. hales chart or without that caution attached in the drug info.


    As you can tell there are a lot of possible high blood pressure meds  from the list from other posters.  may are rated L3.

    high blood pressure drugs that I know that are listed as L2, meaning they are on the safer drug list (safest is L1 and contains well tested drugs like tylenol, motrin, amoxicillin, etc). that includes

    Propanolol, labetalol, methyldopa and nifedipine(procardia)

    talk to your dr about your options, they often have some ideas of which drugs they suspect will work best in your condition, ask for a couple of options and call infant risk for their safety rating and information.



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  • I started out taking Coreg PP, but with the high doses my BP was still high so now I take Norvasc.  I have a Cardiologist that works with pregnant and PP women.  she said I could not take ACE inhibitors and nurse but Beta blockers were fine,
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