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Weird pain...anyone else?

So for the last few days I've been having this horrible pain on the left side of my crotch/groin when I move the lower half of my body. It feels like someone kicked me really hard with a pair of steel tipped boots lol. It feels bruised, but there's no swelling or tenderness when I touch it. I haven't done any strenuous or unusual activities recently.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what it could be? Is it baby girl resting on a nerve or muscle? Just another joy of late pregnancy?


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Re: Weird pain...anyone else?

  • Depending on where you are specifically feeling the pain, I also have experienced this. The pain I feel is only when I move and doesn't happen all of the time. I actually get it primarily during the night time if at all and its rather shard and sudden. I was told by my midwife that what I am experiencing is ligament pain. This makes sense to me. If your pain in in a different area or constant then I would call your provider to be sure its nothing to be worried about. Hope you feel better! 
  • I forgot about round ligament pain! However, this is constant and it's more of an ache as opposed to a quick sharp pain. I have my weekly appointment tomorrow, so I will bring it up to my OB then. Thank you!!

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  • I also feel like I'm bruised or something though mine is more central crouch than on one side.  It's not too bad but annoying especially getting up after being seated for a while.  I've been assuming its either baby pushing down or dilation.  I haven't asked my dr yet though
  • I am also feeling this pain. I did some research and found it is probably nerve pain...like the sciatic nerve that runs down your rear and back of leg...but there is another that runs down the front by your groin and down into your thigh. I forgot what that nerve is called.

    I got a support band to wear to help move the weight of my belly off the nerve. It did ease the pain slightly. The only other thing I can suggest is warm baths & tylenol.

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  • Ugh, I've been having this pain for MONTHS. Sometimes it's really bad, other times it's mild, but there are times when I stand up and it literally takes my breath away. And getting out of bed is horrible because of it. I had asked my doctor about it, and he said it was ligament pain. Basically, the pain just shoots downwards. If I press around down there, there isn't any pain, but moving around is awful. I haven't found anything that helps with it, so I just move a little slower. I've asked some of my friends who have kids and they've all experienced it. Just one of those joys that no one warns you about ahead of time!
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