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I have been lurking here a while and meaning to introduce myself. I'm due March 9 but will be induced by February 25. My baby has asymmetrical IUGR and I have uterine irritability that causes lots of contractions. I have had a very complicated pregnancy with these issues on top of hyperemesis and a baby who has trouble with her heart rate. I have been on bed rest since 28 weeks.

I am also a single mom right now. I found out my fianc was using drugs again the same week I found out I was pregnant. He now lives in a halfway house 30 minutes away from me and is in recovery but has not taken any real responsibility for our daughter.

I moved out of our apartment back home and am living in my parents basement now. A real winner!! I am so blessed to have there support, though.

Being unable to work, having to leave school, and being single and betrayed on top of all the complications has been so incredibly painful. I have found a lot of comfort from the March moms and hope to get to know you all better!
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Re: Former March mama intro

  • Welcome! The Feb. mamas are an awesome bunch!

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  • I'm so sorry you have had such a horrible pregnancy!!! You only have a few weeks left until you meet your LO! Welcome to the February boards!!!




  • I'm so sorry that your pregnancy has been less than stellar so far (and that's putting it lightly).  I'm really glad you have a good support system with your parents though.  Try to hang in there these last few weeks!  And welcome to the Feb mamas board!
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  • I'm sorry you've had a tough go. Welcome to the board... There is a lot of support here! I started on the March board until my due date got moved up 11 days. Both boards are great. :

  • Welcome!  It sounds like you have a lot of turbulence in your life right now, and I hope you find the support you need here.  This is a great group.  Best wishes for a smooth induction and a happy, healthy baby girl.
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  • Sorry things have been so rough... I hope they start to look up soon! Welcome to the feb board!
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  • Welcome to February! Being a single parent is hard, I won't kid you, I was one for almost 5 years after my daughter was born.  But good for you in recognizing that your Fiance was having problems that could have been very dangerous to your child! If you want to talk about being a single parent, feel free to message me!

    Otherwise, welcome to the group and CONGRATS on your baby!!!!

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  • Sounds like a rough go, but you must be a tough mama! Good for you for hanging in there and congrats on your LO :). This is a great group I hope you find comfort and support here, and welcome. 
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  • Welcome to the Feb 2013 mamas! 

    Sorry to hear that you have had a rough pregnancy.  The ladies in this group are awesome.  Caring, open minded and non-judgemental.  A really cool group of ladies to give you support if you need it.  Wishing you a smooth rest of the pregnancy.  You are so close!!!  :)

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