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Another Whine

Sorry everyone! I think I'm just having a really bad day but... I'm so pissed off at DH right now! He is sleeping. Nothing else, just snoring away like a chain saw completely oblivious to the world taking an afternoon nap. He is sleeping through our two dogs driving me batshit crazy racing through the house. He is sleeping through our DS's incessant eight billion questions while chasing said dogs through the house.

Me on the other hand, haven't gotten a sound night's sleep in days and the second I dare try to take a nap this baby is awake and trying to stretch out through my cervix and my bellybutton simultaneously. And if I do manage to fall asleep amidst the painful stretching then I'm awake again within the hour either to pee, or from heartburn, or from contractions that refuse to stabilize and actually DO something.

I think that there should be some law that says if your pregnant wife can't sleep, neither should you! I mean, it took two to get to this point, how come I'm the only one suffering now?!?!?!

Or maybe its just hormone overload....
                We're Going to be a Family of 5!

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Re: Another Whine

  • I'm sorry. My DH with no sleep is no fun! I can handle the sleeplessness but he on the other hand is a wacko. So, I'd rather it be me. Good luck with the dogs and boy.


  • Wow love posting from my phone, lol typos make me laugh. That should read DD's eight billion questions. And now she is clicking her tongue trying to call the dog. The dog is hiding under the couch...
                    We're Going to be a Family of 5!

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  • I am with you, my husband has been sleeping more than me! Hello whose is pregnant here him or me!!?!?!? So annoying lol
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  • I get so mad at my husband (for no reason) for sleeping all day, of course he does, he works 11pm to 7am, gets DS on the bus and gets DD to daycare on days she is there.  But I am still mad at him for sleeping until 6 or 7 in the evening.  It makes no sense.  Today my DD has been running around causing all kinds of trouble and I just want to lay down, and I can't. 
  • Ugh, I know exactly how you feel.  I get so annoyed with DH because I have trouble falling asleep with this ridiculously bad acid reflux.  He's able to fall asleep pretty much immediately.  I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, unable to go back to sleep... only to find him snoring away.  So I get up, move around, head back to bed, only to have our 3 cats decide that's when they'd like to be active and start going crazy.  AGAIN, DH sleeps through this.  So frustrating and unfair!  I just want sleep!
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